Environmentally friendly CO2 Condensing units

Choose the green solution by Panasonic

Natural CO2 / R744
R744 refrigerant provides higher energy saving and lower CO2 emission compared to R404A. Zero ODP and GWP=1 means natural substance.
Inverter Plus System classification highlights Panasonic’s highest performing systems.
High efficiency compressor
Powerful 2-stage CO2 rotary compressor by Panasonic. It delivers high performance all year around.
Super quiet
Systems operate extremely quiet. Minimum 35,5dB(A) @10 m with 200VF5 model.
Operation range up to 43 °C
The system operates up to 43 °C, allowing for installation in various locations.
Anti corrosion coating
Selectable fin type with or without an anti corrosion coating. The anti corrosion coating prevents salt damage for a longer lifespan.
Heat recovery port
The heat recovery port is available to cut running costs as optional. By utilizing exhausted heat generated by refrigeration to the energy source for heating.
Automatic fan
Microprocessor control automatically adjusts the outdoor fan speed in CO2 systems for efficient operation.
5 Years compressor warranty
We guarantee the outdoor unit compressors in the entire range for five years.
BMS connectivity
The system can by supervised with major monitoring system.

Why CO2?
CO2: Natural refrigerant
EU F-Gas regulation is a key priority for European countries. It ensures compliance with the Kigali Amendment supporting international climate commitments on greenhouse gases and leading the global transition to climate-friendly HFC-free technologies.
Carbon dioxide (R744) is regaining its place in the refrigeration world. Driven by environmental concerns, legislation now requires increased adoption of ‘alternative’ refrigerants, such as CO2.
CO2 is an environmentally-friendly solution, with zero 0DP and “GWP” (Global Warming Potential)=1 means natural substance in the atmosphere.
In Europe a step-by-step HFC reduction has been in place since the F-Gas regulation was introduced in 2015.
Countries all over the world have actively been preparing to enact the necessary domestic legislation to implement the agreement to reduce the use of HFCs.

Panasonic is now able to provide a solution in Europe with CO2 refrigeration systems to prevent global warming and to support environment-friendly retail operations. The following table shows how well R744 (CO2) performs regarding environmental impact and safety.

ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) = 0

GWP (Global Warming Potential) = 1

CO2. Next generation refrigerant: ODP: 0 - GWP: 1 - Non flammable - Toxicity: No

Ammonia. Next generation refrigerant: ODP: 0 - GWP: 0 - Light flammable - Toxicity: Yes

Isobutane. Next generation refrigerant: ODP: 0 - GWP: 4 - Flammable - Toxicity: No

R410A Current refrigerant: ODP: 0 - GWP: 2 090-3 920 - Non flammable - Toxicity: No

Comparison of CO2 emissions
1 - Unit: t/year 
2 - Freezer temperature 
3 - Refrigerator temperature 
4 - Total (our own research in Japan) 
5 - Direct influence presents the effect of refrigerant leakage comparing R744 (CO2) with R404A.
6 - Indirect influence presents CO2 emissions linked to power consumption of CO2 unit and conventional units.


25,4 % Freezer

16,2 % Refrigeration


67 % Reduction