Aquarea air to water heat pump

Panasonic has created Aquarea, an innovative new, low-energy system, designed to help you enjoy ideal temperatures and hot water in your home, even with extreme outdoor temperatures. An Aquarea air source heat pump captures fresh air to cool or heat the property to ensure maximum comfort. Aquarea is far cleaner, safer, cheaper and environmentally friendly than alternatives using gas, oil and other electrical systems.

One outdoor unit, which may be reinforced by solar panels, heats the water for home use and for the radiators or radiant floor. The system can also be retrofitted to the central heating system to reduce installation costs. It is the most innovative option for complete retrofits and for new builds.

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Aquarea High Performance

For new installations and low consumption homes

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Aquarea T-CAP

For extremely low temperatures, refurbishment and innovation

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Aquarea HT

For a house with old high-temperature radiators

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DHW Stand Alone

DHW tank with built-in heat pump

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Aquarea benefits

An innovative new low-energy system

Aquarea is far cleaner, safer, cheaper and environmentally friendly than alternatives using gas, oil and other electrical systems.

Maximize the energy savings

Panasonic’s Aquarea Heat Pump provides savings of up to 80% on heating expenses compared to electrical heaters

A comfortable home all year round

The Aquarea provides a comfortable home even with extreme outdoor temperatures, heating in winter and cooling in summer.

Aquarea Service Cloud for Installers / Maintenance
Aquarea Service Cloud allows installers to remotely access their customers’ heating systems. Increasing customer satisfaction by reducing response times, thereby saving time and money.

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New Aquarea Air to Water Heat Pump. The best seasonal efficiency

At the forefront of energy innovation, Aquarea is resolutely positioned as a “green” heating and air-conditioning system.
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Panasonic Aquarea offers you a solution for every need in heating and Domestic Hot Water production
The large range of Aquarea solutions helps you to make your home more efficient and the installation cheaper and easier.
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Panasonic Aquarea Smart Cloud
You can properly manage the heat pump and perform comprehensive monitoring and control from anywhere in the world thanks to the internet applications Panasonic has created for you.

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New Aquarea H Generation for real savings at home
Aquarea H Generation range of heat pumps deliver major energy savings thanks to its incredible efficiency even at -20ºC.

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New Aquarea DHW tank with built-in Heat Pump
The Heat Pump is one of the most energy efficient and cost effective methods of water heating.

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Panasonic helps you to calculate the system label
From 26th September 2015, installers can be assured that all products manufactured after this date will be sold with the required ErP labels which will aid installers with their paperwork.

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New Aquarea All in One hydromodule + 200l tank. Compact and easy to install
Easy to install highly efficient solution, it saves more than half installation time.
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Aquarea heat pumps on You Tube

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Aquarea commercial solutions for best savings
Efficient Panasonic heat pumps can help to significantly reduce the energy consumption of your business.

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