Aquarea Service Cloud  

The real remote maintenance made simple.

Aquarea Service Cloud is an advanced service that allows your service provider to take care of your heating system remotely. It saves time and money and offers the quickest service and solutions for your heat pump.

Accurate monitoring and maintenance expands the system’s lifespan and guarantees a higher Return On Investment for your heat pump.

No restrictions: 

You can freely select your service provider

You can freely select the installer/maintenance partner you want to have access to your Aquarea system. 

Then, choose one of the 4 access levels for the service partner: Full Access, Monitor and Control, Monitor Only or On Request. In non “Full Access” mode, the service partner can request temporary full access to you when required.  

What do I need?

How to connect your Aquarea to the Aquarea Service Cloud?

The process can be initiated by the end user or by the installer.

The end user can select and change the installer’s level of control anytime (4 levels).

End user

End user registration

1. Initiator End user / 2. Log-in Aquarea Smart Cloud / 3. Fill application form for Aquarea Service Cloud / 4. Automatic email / 5. Installer Acceptance / 6. Click link in email / 7. Accept / 8. Activated!

1. Initiator Installer / 2. Log-in Aquarea Service Cloud / 3. Register end user request / 4. Automatic email / 5. End User Acceptance / 6. Click link in email / 7. Accept / 8. Activated!