Alytaus profesinio rengimo centras

Alytus. Lithuania


Oras–oras šilumos siurbliai namams, Oras–vanduo šilumos siurbliai „Aquarea“ , Valdymas, VieŠieji pastatai

Lauko blokai: 2 x WH-UX16HE8, 2 xCU-4Z80TBE,
Vidaus blokai: 2 x WH-SXC16H9E8, 4 x CS-Z60UB4EAW, 4 x CS-Z60UB4EAW
Valdymas: 4x CZ-RD514C


Air to water heating was installed in Alytaus profesinio rengimo centras (Alytus vocational training center) 600 m2 building. In addition, air conditioning was installed in two classrooms (two 4-ways Cassette Indoor Units in each classroom) There was 2 main reasons of this installation: 1) economic - the desire to save on heating, because central heating is quite expensive 2) educational - the school trains many specialists of various profiles, including heating systems


There was a request to make hybrid solution - the training center wanted to use heating pumps as main heat source for their spacious building, but also to leave possibility to switch to central heating when the temperatures outside become extreme low. This task was quite difficult, especially when the cost of installation was also important. A public tender was held to find the best option for the solution and the installation of the equipment. We offered Panasonic Aquarea and won the tender.

Pritaikyti sprendimai ir technologijos

Panasonic Aquarea serves as main heat source for Alytus vocational training center spacious building, with possibility to switch to central heating when the temperatures outside become extreme low. A2W heating system only operates up to a certain temperature limit, when the outdoor temperature falls below the set point, the system switches to central heating. This make great saving for the educational establishment. They are happy with the solution and is considering implementing the same solution in the dormitories of its training center. Installed air conditioning to keep classrooms perfectly climatized. The teacher can demonstrate the benefits of the Panasonic Comfort Cloud to the audience and show how the system can be monitored and controlled remotely in real-life situations. Students can inspect how the installation is done and learn how the heat pumps work.

Pagrindinės techninės savybės

 Aquarea T-CAP keeping Total Capacity even at extremely cold ambient. • High energy Class A++  

Quiet operation from only 29dB(A) • Operation down to -10°C in cooling / -15°C in heating mode

R32 Refrigerant – Protect the planet by reducing the impact of climate change


32 kW A2W / 28 kW A2A
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