ECOi-W. Wired controllers for fan coils

PAW-FC-RC1. Advanced wired remote controller (AC)

This advanced controller provides a higher level of comfort in heating.
The sensor can be used as a water flow sensor, stopping the fan when the water temperature is low, avoiding cold drafts in winter.

· For 2-pipe and 4-pipe, AC fan
· Change Over function (cold draft prevention)
· Room thermostat
· 3 outputs, 230 V relays for fan control
· 2 outputs, 230 V relays for heating / cooling control
· Connection to BMS - Modbus RTU slave
· 1 DI for presence detection (key card switch)
· 1 AI for sensor

PAW-FC-907TC. Wired remote controller (EC)

Stylish and sophisticated design with backlit LCD display, is suitable for installation within a wide variety of locations such as office, hotel and residential applications.
By connecting the controller to the range of EC fan coils, the user can take advantage of the improved performance, higher levels of efficiency and thus improved energy savings

· For 2-pipe and 4-pipe, EC fan
· Back lit LCD screen with touch control
· Adjustable range EC fan control
· Economiser
· Connection to BMS via Modbus
· 1 DI for presence detection (key card switch)

PAW-FC-903TC. Wired remote controller (AC)

Feature rich and perfectly adapted to control AC fan coils, the PAW-FC-903TC is the ideal addition for any fan coil.
With intuitive user interface provided by the push button control and large LCD display, it will fit seamlessly with almost any location.

· For 2-pipe, AC fan
· Back lit LCD screen
· 3 speed control relay, for fan
· Economizer

PAW-FC-RCFS. Built-in controller for Floor Standing (AC)

Built-in basic controller fan floor standing units , for 2-pipe and 4-pipe, AC fan.