Domestic integration to P‑Link

Can connect RAC range to P‑Link. Full control is now possible.

Integrates any unit in big system control.
  • TKEA / PKEA server room integration
  • Small offices with domestic indoors
  • Tender for refurbishment (old system Domestic and VRF in one installation)
Centralized Control Systems: 64 indoor units
Intelligent Controller / Web Server: 256 indoor units
P-AIMS: 1.024 indoor units
1. Current control area. 2. Need to control RAC by central controllers.
Current system for PACi / VRF. Central controller can connect to P‑Link line to control units directly.
RAC units cannot connect directly to P‑Link to be managed by Central Controllers.
It’s necessary to have interface between P‑Link and RAC protocol to cover basic operating items.

Basic operation items: ON/OFF, Mode select, Temperature setting, Fan speed, Flap setting, Remote control prohibit.
External input: ON/OFF control signal, Abnormal stop signal.
External output for Relay*: Operation status (ON/OFF), Alarm status output.

* Because current CN-CNT connector can not provide the power for external output relay, additional Input power for external relay is necessary.