New Panasonic R2 Rotary Compressor
Panasonic Rotary Compressors for Room Air Conditioners have been installed in the most demanding environments around the world.
Designed to withstand extreme conditions, Panasonic Rotary delivers high performance, efficiency and reliable service, no matter where you are.
Panasonic, the world’s largest manufacturer of rotary compressors.
1. High Efficiency Motor The premium silicon steel motor meets industry efficiency requirements.

2. Improved Lubrication of High Volume Oil Pump The extended, high volume oil pump in conjunction with a larger capacity oil reservoir provides superior lubrication.

3. Accumulator has Larger Refrigerant Capacity The larger accumulator accomodates generous refrigerant amounts needed in longer line length installations.

About R2 Compressor
Built upon 28 years of compressor design and production experience, R2 is the next generation of Rotary Compressors for residential central air conditioning. New technology improvements, enhanced materials and simple design ensure R2 compressors are reliable, efficient and quiet. The R2 Compressor delivers quality, comfort and peace of mind in homes around the world.
Panasonic’s Rotary Compressors have been life tested in some of the world’s most demanding environments. Proven for years many of the most demanding areas of the world, the R2 design is the compressor of choice by contractors and homeowners in these challenging climates. For the high performance that home-owners demand, R2 Rotary Compressors are the best air conditioning engines for today’s residential cooling solutions.

Leading Technology
Used in over 80% of cooling solutions globally, rotary is the world’s dominant residential air conditioning compression technology. Panasonic is the leading rotary and residential AC compressor manufacturer in the world, with over 200 million compressors produced.

Central air conditioning delivered with a Panasonic R2 Rotary Compressor ensures a superior level of comfort at an economical cost.

1. Vane - Long Life
The special Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating applied to the Vane greatly enhances the durability and life of the compressor mechanism.

2. Piston - Durable
The piston is made of unique high-grade steel that prevents wear and extends operation life.

R2 Compressors:
Higher efficiency, single and dual piston, R-410A refrigerant and compact size
R2 rotary compressors utilize rolling piston technology. The R2 compressor has been tested in extreme conditions.
How does a Panasonic Rotary compressor work?
R2 compressors are rolling piston rotary compressors. The heart of the rotary compressor is the cylinder which houses the piston and the vane. The vane maintains constant contact with the piston as the piston rolls along the inside wall of the cylinder. As the piston rotates, gas is compressed into an increasingly smaller area until the discharge pressure is reached, releasing gas into the shell chamber. At the same time, more gas comes in through the suction port, enabling a continuous process of suction and discharge.
The simple design and symmetry of the cylinder components, combined with a special coating and premium materials, provide a highly durable and reliable product, rotation after rotation.

What SEER range does the Panasonic Rotary compressor support?
R2 compressors are found in air conditioning products featuring the very latest technology and offering the highest efficiency on the market today. Our R2 compressors are engineered specifically for this SEER efficiency requirement. Combined with the inherently simply design of the rotary, this results in a high desirable and impressively economical solution.

What makes Panasonic Rotary compressor so reliable?
Changes to the construction and material of internal components enables the R2 compressor to reliably operate with an above average maximum discharge pressure. A Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating on the vane, along with enhanced steel materials, significantly reduces wear and increases durability.

What makes a Panasonic Rotary compressor so quiet?
The structure of the R2 compressor mechanism has been redesigned to increase stability and reduce vibration. Specifically, the compressor has an upper cylinder discharge, an enhanced fixed upper bearing, and reduced friction in the cylinder parts. The lower discharge and muffler in the dual piston compressors also enables lower noise levels. As a result, this new design optimises efficiency and minimises noise.

How do R2 rotary compressors compare to scroll and reciprocating compressors?
R2 rotary compressors are very similar to some scroll compressors in overall performance, including efficiency and reliability. The simple and symmetrical key components contribute to the R2 compressor’s reliability, light weight, compact size, and economical applied cost, without sacrificing the key performance requirements of high efficiency and low noise levels.

Which refrigerants can be used with Panasonic Rotary compressor?
Panasonic has R2 Rotary Compressors available for R410A applications.