ECOi-W Heat Pump Chiller
Discover a new era of ECOi, the ECOi-W Heat Pump Chillers

This new series provides a wide variety of HVAC system solutions, to meet all of your residential, commercial and industrial needs.

Unrivaled Reliability and Quality.

Panasonic solutions can be enjoyed for years to come, even in the most extreme climates. Panasonic does not compromise on product quality, safety or durability, in order to provide the ultimate comfort when you need it most.
Panasonic does not compromise on product quality, always strives for 100 % quality. ECOi-W series offers smart technology meeting your needs at home and business.

ECOi-W benefits

High energy saving and confort


Quiet operation

Integrate ECOi-W and VRF systems with BMS control

High flexibility

From 20 kW to 210 kW

Customisable design

Operating range: -17 ºC (heating) to 50 ºC (cooling)

Wide range of hydraulic options

Wide range of communication protocols

High quality

Defrost limiting coil design (140 to 210)

Optimized design for service and maintenance

Compact footprint

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