Owner: C’è Casa e Casa Srl Boves (CN), New building in Italy
System: Aquarea High Performance 9 kW
Outdoor unit WH-UD09CE5-A,
Indoor unit WH-SDF09C3E5

Inst. capacity: 9 kW
Installer company.: Termoblu
Project Management: Marco Mauro - Architettura e Costruzioni Srl

Year installation: 2012  

KlimaHouse Gold is the first residential villa in Piemonte to benefit from the installation of two 9kW Aquarea High Performance units. Located in rural North West Italy, Panasonic’s renewable heating system is part of a major rebuild project, with the now modern villa replacing a traditional local mountain house.

Project Challenge:
The challenge for this project included specifying a product for heating systems and sanitary hot water, which would satisfy the Gold Class energy certificate technical requirements; energy-efficient as well as fairly priced.
Technically advanced and cost-effective, Panasonic’s 9 kW Aquarea High Performance heat pump is also compatible with a solar panel system and therefore proved the ideal solution for this challenging project.

3rd Party Comments:
“We recommended this model because of its high technical characteristics and great value for money in comparison with others on the market" - Luca Giordano, Distributor.
“We have compared many products and done technical scrutinizing, but no one guaranteed the same results of Aquarea  system"- David Parola, Owner/Contractor
“We had no problems at all, this product is intuitive and easy to install” – Michele Pellegrino, Installer