Commercial WLAN Adaptor

Panasonic CZ-CAPWFC1 interface adaptor, allows connection of one or a group of indoor units to be managed by the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App, which provides control, monitoring, scheduling and error alerts.

Advanced smartphone control

Control PACi, ECOi and ECO G units from wherever and whenever with your smartphone, by using Panasonic Comfort Cloud App and Commercial WLAN Adaptor. This scalable solution is ideal for one system, one site or multiple locations. Coupling the adapter with the already feature rich systems, makes it an ideal solution for residential and commercial applications.


From 1 to 200 units

User can control up to 10 different sites, with up to 20 units / groups per site.


1 indoor or 1 group

One simple WLAN adaptor CZ-CAPWFC1 can be connected to 1 indoor or to a group of indoors (maximum 8 indoors).


Multi user

The Panasonic Comfort Cloud App allows multi-user access control. Restrict user access to specific units.


Easy scheduling

Complex weekly scheduling made simple. Not only for one units, but across multiple sites and from a smartphone.


Energy monitor

See the estimated power consumption and compare with other periods to see how energy consumption can be reduced even more. Check list of units that provides consumption*.

* Function available depending on the model.


Error codes

Error code notification through the App, provides early notification and allows for faster repair.

Commercial WLAN Adaptor for internet control - CZ-CAPWFC1

Commercial WLAN Adaptor wiring length is 1,9m and connects to indoor unit thru T10 connector and R1/R2 terminal connectors.
1. Indoor Unit:
    A. Communication line: 1,9m
    B. RC Terminal (R1,R2)
    C. T10 CNT
    D. Wireless LAN

2. Other hardware requirements (purchase and subscribe separately):
    A. Router
    B. Internet

3. Download free App: Panasonic Comfort Cloud

  • Input Voltage: DC 12V (supplied from T10 connector)
  • Power Consumption: Maximum 2,4W
  • Size (H x W x D): 120 x 70 x 25mm
  • Weight: 190g (including communications lines)
  • Interface: 1 x Wireless LAN
  • Wireless LAN Standard: IEEE 802,11 b/g/n
  • Frequency Range: 2,4GHz band
  • Operation range: 0 ~ 55°C, 20 ~ 80RH%
  • Connectable indoor unit: 1 unit
  • Length of communication line: 1,9m (included in the shipment)

Cloud control is available for all indoor units with P-link

Compatible type: Model code starting with “S-” except S-80/125MW1E5.
Incompatible type: Model code starting with “PAW-”, “FY-” and S-80/125MW1E5.

Basic wiring diagram

If there is one indoor unit or if there are multiple indoor units, connect one WLAN adaptor and one remote controller. A remote controller must be connected and it should be set as the “main unit” in the main-sub remote controller settings.
1. Example when there is 1 indoor unit.
    A. Terminals for remote controller wiring
    B. T10 connector
    C. Remote controller wiring (no polarity)
    D. Communication lines (1,9m total length)
2. Example when there are multiple indoor units.
    A. Remote controller wiring (no polarity)
    B. Communication lines (1,9m total length)