Internet Control. Control your comfort and efficiency with the lowest energy consumption

Control your air conditioning with the smart internet control device via smartphones, tablet, PC and smart desktop phone via internet
Offering the same functions as if you were at home or office: start/stop, mode operation, set temperature, room temperature etc as well as the new, advanced functionality provided by Internet Control to achieve the best comfort and efficiency with the lowest energy consumption.

Fonction shown available for Aquarea and Domestic air to air heat pumps.
What’s Internet Control?
Internet Control is a next generation system providing a user-friendly remote control of air conditioning or heat pump units from everywhere, using a simple Android or iOS smartphone, tablet or PC via internet.

Simple Installation
Just connect the Internet Control device to the air conditioner or heat pump with the supplied wire and then link it to your WIFI Access point.

* Functionalities depend on the license. The information indicated above is subject to changes and updates.

Internet Control. Easy to install. Maximum benefit
Internet Control is underlined with the slogan “Your home in the cloud”, meaning a simple and easy to handle solution has been considered for every user to manage the device, not requiring any communication or computer skills.
No servers. No adaptors. No wires. Just a small box is needed to be connected and placed close to the air conditioning indoor unit… and your smartphone, tablet or PC.
Your existing WiFi connection does the rest when you are at home. Start the App from your smartphone device, your tablet or your computer, and enjoy a new experience in comfort. And if you are out of home, just launch the App, and manage the air conditioning of your home from the cloud. An intuitive and user-friendly application on the screen of your smartphone or PC that lets you manage the air conditioning unit in the same way you do with the remote controller at home.
Internet Control can be downloaded in Apple’s AppStore and Android’s PlayStore.

KX-UT670 Smart Desktop Phone from Panasonic (not included).
Aquarea Case Study. Helen, Panasonic customer
“I was sick of heating my house in the mountains on the weekends when I couldn’t go. It was a pointless and annoying expense.
But now, with Internet Control, I’ve managed to put the rigidity of weekly programming behind me. If I go then I just put my Panasonic Aquarea heating system on. And if I don’t go then I go to the cinema or the theatre with the money I’ve saved.”
Domestic Case Study. James, architect
“As an architect, I’m proud of my home. Unfortunately, the pace of my life revolves around airports on all five continents.
Because of this, whenever I get the chance to enjoy even just a few days at home, I programme my Panasonic Multi Split System to my tablet and from wherever I happen to be, I can enjoy the comforts that the system gives me from the minute I arrive home.”
Commercial Case Study. Alice, Shop Owner
“I want maximum comfort and the best savings for my shop. And I manage to get these in the easiest and most natural way possible. From my Smartphone, something I always carry with me, I can control the temperature of my shop and in this way, as well as maintaining an ideal temperature I also save a small fortune in electricity at the end of the year.”
VRF Case Study. Paul, Business Man
“My business is growing but I still want to feel like I’m in control. So I carry out all the arrangements, transactions and operations I can from my mobile. From bank transactions, processing orders, to controlling the temperature at the company’s different plants; I do everything from my smartphone thanks to IntesisHome and Panasonic.”