Mini ECOi LZ2 Series R32

For light commercial and residential use. The most flexible VRF system ever.
Meeting the needs of light commercial applications.
Industry 1st: 8 and 10HP Mini VRF units with R32.

Mini ECOi LZ2 Series 4 to 10HP - R32

Outstanding efficiency in a compact body and continuous operation even at extreme ambient temperatures.


Low GWP and less refrigerant.

The new Mini ECOi LZ2 Series utilizes environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, reducing the total amount of refrigerant by 20% and more, resulting in lower GWP, reduced by 75%*.

* As a result of applying R32 while at the same time reducing the total refrigerant amount.


Outstanding efficiency at most challenging ambient conditions.

Re-engineered for better performance, the LZ2 series produces extraordinary savings with SEER levels up to 8,5 and SCOP levels up to 5,05 (for 4HP model). The large range of outdoor units from 12kW to 28kW can also work at extreme ambient temperatures, down to -20°C in heating and up to 52°C in cooling, providing a very wide range of operating ability.


More flexibility for your project.

The ECOi LZ2 series provides ease of installation with long piping lengths and small footprints in a lightweight body. A variety of indoor units, supporting Panasonic’s optional refrigerant leak detector, increases the flexibility for installers. A wide range of individual and central controllers, the new generation Smart and Service Cloud as well as apps for end users and installers provide a fully customizable monitoring and controlling solution.

Minimum environmental impact


Panasonic has designed the LZ2 series in order to minimize the environmental impact of the system. Low GWP refrigerant R32 and highest efficiency levels, ensure this through the total operational lifetime.

Extraordinary savings

VRF with outstanding energy-saving performance.

Superior SEER (8,50) and SCOP (5,05).

Wide operating range: -20°C in heating to 52°C in cooling.

  • Improving protection 24/7. New and unique indoors with nanoe™ X, with hydroxyl radicals contained in water
  • SEER levels up to 8,50 and SCOP levels up to 5,05 (for 4HP model)
  • Low GWP and highly reduced refrigerant volume
  • Improved connectivity with CONEX remote controllers and app support, Smart and Service Cloud applications and support for communication protocols for BMS integration
  • Wide range of connectable units allowing wide range of installations with and without refrigerant mitigation
  • Increased indoor/outdoor capacity ratio up to 150%
  • Quiet mode operation with low capacity drop
  • Same Panasonic DNA with Panasonic compressors and precise temperature control thanks to discharge temperature sensors in the indoor unit
  • Continuous operation at extreme ambient temperatures: -20°C (heating) to 52°C (cooling)
  • Flexible mitigation measures, with Panasonic’s leak detector/alarm to be installed only when required

For the most challenging spaces.

Short height: 996mm.

The Mini ECOi LZ2 R32 VRF system is the ideal solution to fit into any application thanks to its compact design and long piping length support.

Extended operation conditions

LZ2 mini VRF is extremely reliable even under the most difficult conditions. The units can operate in cooling mode at extreme temperatures, 52°C in cooling and -20°C in heating mode.
Cooling operation conditions.
Outside air temperature ˚C (DB).
Heating operation conditions.
Outside air temperature ˚C ( WB).

New Mini ECOi LZ2 provides the optimal performance in any climatic condition.

Quiet mode operation with low capacity drop

Panasonic offers its customers cutting-edge technology, specially designed to ensure our air conditioning systems deliver optimal performance even in quiet mode operation.

Silent mode comparison – Panasonic 8 and 10HP R32 vs R410A.
Capacity drop %

a. Nominal | b. Level 1 | c. Level 2 | d. Level 3 | e. Level 4

Control is the key to offer better comfort and savings

CZ-RTC6 and CZ-RTC6BL are compatible with the R32 Mini ECOi systems. CZ-RTC6 can be used as wired remote controller.
In addition, due to its Bluetooth® capability, CZ-RTC6BL offers the possibility to use the Panasonic H&C Control App that perfectly meets the requirements of end users, services and installers.
Panasonic H&C Control App.
Detailed operation setting. Detailed maintenance setting.

Panasonic H&C Control App available functions:
  • ON/OFF, mode, temperature, airflow volume, airflow direction
  • Weekly timer
  • All energy saving functions
  • Alarm display and history
  • Service contact registration
  • Filter sign
  • Auto-address
  • Test run
  • Sensor value monitor
  • Simple setting mode
  • Detailed setting mode
  • Key lock
  • Ventilation fan control
  • Display contrast adjustment
  • Rotation, redundancy
  • Quiet mode
  • nanoe™ X

Scaling your control options from a single zone to geographically distributed facilities

LZ2 series are fully compatible with all control and connectivity solutions from Panasonic. With a wide range of individual controllers, hotel room controllers, optional wireless adapters, VRF Smart Connectivity+, easy BMS connection with P-link and AC Smart Cloud compatibility. LZ2 series, the most flexible control and monitoring R32 solution in the market.

Control options.
Individual controllers – wired / wireless:
Smart Connectivity+
CZ-CAPWFC1 Wi-Fi Adaptor
Centralized controllers:
AC Smart/Service Cloud (CZ-CFUSCC1)
Centralised controls. Connection with general equipment connection:
BMS interface with P-Link:
Interfaces for indoor unit connection.
Interfaces for P-Link connection.

Compatible with a large range of indoor units and controls

An expansion of Panasonic VRF line-up, the new mini ECOi R32 is compatible with a large range of indoor units and can utilize all Panasonic’s scalable control and monitoring solutions.
Wide range of indoor units, either supporting Panasonic’s optional R32 leak detector alarm or having built-in detectors provide a great flexibility for all types of installation.

4 way 90x90 cassette.
Connects to Panasonic R32 refrigerant leak detector.
nanoe™ X as a standard.
4 way 60x60 cassette.
Connects to Panasonic R32 refrigerant leak detector.
Connects to Panasonic R32 refrigerant leak detector.

Slim variable static pressure hide-away.
Connects to Panasonic R32 refrigerant leak detector.
Variable static pressure adaptive duct.
2x Built-in Panasonic R32 refrigerant leak detectors.
nanoe™ X as a standard.

Bringing nature’s balance indoors