New adaptive ducted - PF3

Has been completely re-designed to provide better flexibility.

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Bringing nature’s balance indoors


Highly flexible installation

2 installation possibilities (horizontal / vertical).
Maximum external static pressure: 150Pa.
Selectable inlet air position (rear / bottom entry).
Improved drain pan design suitable for both horizontal / vertical installation.
Drain pump included*.

* Drain pump operation only available in horizontal application.


High seasonal performance with slim body

Maximum SEER / SCOP: A++ / A+.
Slim height 250mm in response to market demand where ceiling space is limited.
Light weight from 25 to 39kg.


Comfort operation

Super quiet operation, minimum 22dB(A)*.
nanoe™ X for better indoor air quality.

* 3,6kW model and when operating with external static pressure 50Pa in low fan mode.

2 installation possibilities (horizontal / vertical)

Vertical installation is newly available.
External static pressure 150Pa, sufficient for remotely installing units away from the rooms.

Improved drain pan design

Just one drain pan for both horizontal and vertical installations. No need to modify the unit.

a. Vertical.
b. Shared drain pan.
c. Horizontal.

Selectable inlet air position

Inlet air position may be adjusted by means of a removable panel, to allow rear or bottom entry, depending on the duct installation.

Compact body

Only 250 mm high.
Light units from 25 to 39kg.

Conventional model - 33kg - 290mm
New adaptive ducted - 30kg - 250mm

Maximum efficiency

Super quiet operation, minimum 22dB(A)

An improved proprietary casing design achieves a smoother air flow for a lower operating noise, compared to conventional models.
Conventional casing
New casing
Sound pressure (low level).
* Silent operation in full capacity range.

Better indoor air quality with nanoe™ X

The performance of nanoe™ X technology is maintained, even with 10m long ducts*.
The effect of improved air quality is sufficient to allow for numerous duct shapes to fit the application.
* Panasonic internal survey.

As the experiments demonstrate, up to a duct length of 10m, effectiveness of nanoe™ X is maintained even if the duct is bended 3 times.

a. One bend.
b. Two bends.
c. Three bends.

nanoe™ X effect against odour proven in large space

In a room of 139m², tobacco odour is reduced by a factor of 0,7 when compared to natural reduction over a period of 2 hours.
Tobacco deodorisation ratio.

Odour level (In grey: Natural reduction).

Test ambient.

Time (hour).

nanoe™ X reduced by 0,7 rank

3rd party international testing institute KAKEN* conducted the performance experiment of Adaptive ducted equipped with nanoe X Generator Mark 2 device removing tobacco odour.
* KAKEN TEST CENTER General Incorporated Foundation in Japan, international testing institute.

a. Adhered odour.
b. Ducted unit.

New adaptive ducted PF3