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Connectable to
Energy efficiency (Heating 35°C / 55°C (1))
Control and connectivity
Minimum outdoor temperature
Maximum supply temperature for heating
Single phase capacities
Three phase capacities

All data in this chart is applicable in most of models in each line up, check product specs to confirm.

(1) Scale from A+++ to D.

(2) H and J Generations with CZ-NS4P. K and L Generations with CZ-NS5P.

(3) 9, 12 and 16kW.

(4) DHW maximum temperature with heater.

(5) In case of outdoor temperature over -10°C.

(6) It is possible to set temperature by 65°C on remote controller. Normally, outlet water temperature is 60°C or lower. In case of ΔT setting with remote controller is 15°C and the outdoor ambient temperature is 5 to 20°C, outlet water temperature 65°C is possible.