VRF 4 way 60x60 mini cassette - Y3

The Y3, with integrated nanoe X Generator Mark 3 for better indoor air quality, perfectly matches with 60x60 cm ceiling grids.

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· Compact with only 250mm ceiling depth
· A modern panel design
· nanoe™ X Mark 3 built-in
· Internal cleaning function with nanoe™ X
· Individual flap control

Internal cleaning function

When cooling or dry operation has stopped, internal drying and nanoe™ X circulation airflow is activated in order to suppress the mould proliferation inside the unit (airflow passage, fan, heat exchanger)*.

* Depending on the installation environment or operating hours, mould proliferation or inhabitation of mould growth will be changed.

Individual flap control

Better control of the air flow with 4 motors, providing individual flap control.

Perfect air distribution without direct airflow, to reduce the feeling of cold drafts.

A wide range of connectivity possibilities