Licensed in VDI 6022

Certification of a HVAC system under VDI 6022 guarantees that the system fulfills the market’s strictest hygiene requirements.

VDI 6022 – Part 5 Certification ‘Avoidance of allergenic exposure’

Inhibits a wide range of harmful bacteria, viruses, mould, pollen and allergens.

Panasonic nanoe™ X technology has, after rigorous testing in the strictest test conditions, been awarded VDI6022 certification, which guarantees the highest level of effectiveness against exposure to common allergens such as Pollen, mould, and many common pet allergens present within indoor spaces.

* Certification mark of part 5 is only valid for Generator Mark 3. 

a. Pollen. b. Mould. c. Allergens


VDI 6022 – Part 1 & 1.1 Certification ‘Ventilation and indoor-air quality’

Panasonic nanoe™ X technology improving indoor air quality.

Panasonic nanoe™ X technology has been tried and tested for over 20 years and is proven to inhibit a wide range of harmful bacteria, viruses, mould, pollen and allergens.

* Certification mark of part 1 is only valid for Generator Mark 3. Certification mark of part 1.1 is only valid for Generator Mark 2 and Mark 3.

Inhibits pollens found worldwide all year

Hard to work when you are tearing up, right? It’s that time of year when you just can’t stop sneezing.

nanoe™ X is effective in inhibiting* a variety of pollens found worldwide all year. The inhibition effect has been confirmed for the 13 varieties shown below.

Types of pollen that nanoe™ X can inhibit

Cedar / Cypress / Orchard grass / Ragweed / Miscanthus / Japanese white birch / Artemisia / Olive / Juniper / Casuarina / Alnus japonica / Timothy grass / Humulus japonicus

Calendar for major pollens

Various pollens appear in different regions at different times of year.

Calendar for major pollens

How nanoe™ X works

nanoe™ X reliably reaches pollen.

Hydroxyl radical denature pollen proteins.

Pollen is inhibited*.


* Testing organisation: Panasonic Product Analysis Center. Testing method: Verified using the electrophoresis method in an approximately 23m³ sized test chamber. Inhibition method: nanoe™ released. Test substances: cedar, cypress, orchard grass, ragweed, alnus japonica, japanese white birch, artemisia, olive, juniper, casuarina, miscanthus, timothy grass, humulus japonicus pollen. Test result: Inhibitory effect was confirmed in 24 hours (4AA33-151015-F01, 4AA33-151028-F01, 4AA33-160601-F01, 4AA33-160601-F02, 4AA33-160701-F01, 1V332-180301-F01).

Results may vary based on usage and seasonal and environmental variables (temperature and humidity).

nanoe™ X and nanoe™ inhibit activity or growth of pollutants, but do not prevent illness.


Validation and test

Effects have been verified through experiments by universities and research institutes.

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