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Mini ECOi VRF Systems

Outstanding efficiency in a compact body and continuous operation even at extreme ambient temperatures.

Panasonic has designed the LZ2 series in order to minimize the environmental impact of the system. Low GWP refrigerant R32 and highest efficiency levels, ensure this through the total operational lifetime.

Mini ECOi LZ2 Series R32

From 4 to 10HP



ECOi VRF Systems

ECOi electrical VRF is specifically designed for the most demanding offices and big buildings. High efficiency system. From 8 to 20HP in only one chassis. Extended operating range to provide heating at outdoor temperature as low as -25°C. Suitable for refurbishment projects. Example applications: Complexes. High Rise Buildings Commercial Buildings. Hotels.

Mini ECOi LE Series

From 4 to 10HP

2-Pipe ECOi EX ME2 Series

From 8 to 20HP Combinations: Up to 80HP

3-Pipe ECOi EX MF3 Series

From 8 to 16HP Combinations: Up to 48HP



ECO G VRF Systems

ECO G gas VRF is specially designed for buildings where the electricity is restricted or CO2 emissions must be reduced. Very high primary energy efficiency ratio. Very low electrical consumption. Compatible with all ECOi indoor units and remote controls. Sanitary hot water is produced freely in summer and winter (outside temperature >7°C). Extended operating range to provide 100% continuous heating capacity even at outdoor temperature as low as -20°C. Example applications: Complexes. High Rise Buildings. Commercial Buildings. Hotels.

2-Pipe ECO G GE3 Series

From 16 to 30HP Combinations: Up to 60HP

3-Pipe ECO G GF3 Series

From 16 to 25HP