Wall-mounted Professional Inverter -25 °C

Highly efficient solution designed for 24h/7d operation.

Designed for 24h/7d a week operation

High efficiency all year round. This wall-mounted air conditioner is designed for professional, critical applications such as computer rooms where reliable cooling inside the room is necessary even with extreme ambient conditions.

Highest energy rating in cooling

The SEER and SCOP of the Server room unit has been further improved to achieve top class energy efficiency. The 3,5 kW unit reaches now the SEER value of 9,6 (A+++).

Built-in Wi-Fi and compatible with Voice Assistant

The internet ready unit is equipped for connection to a smartphone for control via the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App. Control the unit, monitor energy consumption stadistics and easily identify errors in the case of a failure.

Key points

· Designed for 24h/7d a week operation
· New wired remote controller, with optional duty rotation mode
· Improved SEER / SCOP to achieve top class energy efficiency
· Aerowings 2.0, for a better control of the airflow
· Built-in Wi-Fi for instant connectivity via Panasonic Comfort Cloud App
· Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
· Chassis and parts designed for easier installation

New remote controller for better usability

New wired remote controller, which can assure the operation 24/7 of two server room units, thanks to the integrated duty rotation mode. This function manages rotation and back-up of two units and it is available when connecting an optional CN-CNT cable (CZ-RCC5) between the controller and each of the two indoor units.

Two indoor units operate alternately to maintain the room temperature, reducing the load on the air conditioners and providing stable operation.
Even if one of the units breaks down, the other unit supports stable operation.

Domestic integration to P-Link - CZ-CAPRA1

Can connect RAC range to P-Link. Full control is now possible.
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