Spire View, a development of 20 new executive four and five-bedroom homes in the market town of March in Cambridgeshire by James Development Co Ltd, has been equipped by Panasonic distributor Oceanair with renewable Panasonic Aquarea Monobloc air to water heat pumps to supply heating and domestic hot water to each home.

With sustainability and quality high on the agenda for this new modern development in popular March, Cambridgeshire, making the right choices through intensive research for all elements in the specification throughout the properties, was very important to the developer.

Marcel Cooper, Construction Director of James Developments commented, “We  find that today’s prospective purchasers are far more aware of environmental issues, emissions and the need for their homes to be sustainable. Purchasers increasingly  look for cleaner, greener homes and are far more mindful of potential running costs. By comparison, we installed air source heat pumps in a development of 36 homes about ten years ago but then, purchasers were not aware of the benefits and economies that air source heat pumps offered although they were all very pleased with the way the homes functioned once they had moved in. Now, information online and in the media has made the average purchaser visiting site today more aware that air source heat pumps are a desirable way to provide renewable heating.”

Tony Holland - Southern Area Account Manager for Oceanair added, “Following the initial decision to go with the Panasonic systems, we had various meetings with all parties to agree on all aspects of choosing the correctly sized system and position of each individual install at Spire View, deliveries to suit the progress of the development and full training for all the engineers working on this side of the project. This has been a team effort between Oceanair and Panasonic from day one when we witnessed the archaeological dig on site through to the installation of each system in the fully built residential estate and the final result of a very satisfied customer which we always strive to achieve and gives the most satisfaction”.

Spire View consists of 20 new high end executive four and five bedroom homes, with the four bedroom homes having one en-suite and a family bathroom while the five bedroom homes have three en-suites and a family bathroom so the adoption of  large, high efficiency Panasonic Aquarea hot water storage tanks is the ideal way to provide a constant and abundant supply of domestic hot water for the occupants.

The Aquarea Monobloc is extremely energy efficient with a COP of 5.08 for the new 5kW range, is very quiet in operation and offers a superb and sustainable alternative to traditional boilers with zero emissions at point of use and a lower carbon cost than  mains gas, oil, LPG and direct electric. Furthermore, all residents will benefit from reduced heating and hot water bills.

Marcel further went on to explain “after comparing the benefits and costs of air source heat pumps with a traditional gas boiler solution and the attendant cost of bringing a gas main into the site and installing all the service ducts and meter boxes etc., we came to the conclusion that air sourced heat pumps were more cost effective and beneficial for us, as the developer, for our purchasers and most importantly, for the environment.

Furthermore, we researched air sourced heat pumps currently available, often dealing with manufacturers directly but ultimately we were guided by Tony Holland at Oceanair, whose personal and attentive service, market knowledge and in depth product awareness led us to specify the Panasonic system which offered the optimum balance of high energy performance, perceived quality, an internationally trusted brand, good and approachable technical back up, advanced technology and a fair price.

Tony Holland of Oceanair further commented, “It is important, when buying a heat pump, to choose a reputable manufacturer who will provide a quality service, a comprehensive warranty and provide proper guidance about the buying and installation of heat pumps. The initial outlay of a sustainable heating system may be slightly higher, however buying from a reputable manufacturer will ensure a high-quality, long life product, low maintenance costs and the peace of mind that you’ve made an optimised investment. A reputable manufacturer will also have the confidence in their products to offer a comprehensive warranty, such as Panasonic’s seven-year warranty*1.”

Tony Lathey, Panasonic’s UK Air to Water Pre-Sales Manager further added “Up to 80%*2 of the energy generated by air source heat pump comes from the air, with electricity making up the remaining 20%, so not only is this an extremely cost-effective alternative, but it is also environmentally friendly. With increasingly volatile energy prices, an air source heat pump is a great option to reduce overall energy bills by up to 60% (when compared to fossil fuel alternatives).”

The Aquarea Mono-bloc line-up can maintain the heat pump output capacity until -15oC outdoor temperature without the help of an electrical booster heater. The range is designed and produced by Panasonic and among the technologies listed on the International Energy Agency (IEA) Blue Map, whose goal is to reduce CO2 emissions to half the levels emitted in 2005, by the year 2050.

The Spire View Development is nearing completion (July 2019) with many of the homes now ready to move into. To get in touch with James Developments please go to http://www.jdhomes.co.uk/

For more information on Panasonic air source heat pumps, please visit www.aircon.panasonic.co.uk.


*1 Available via qualified Panasonic Accredited Installers subject to T&C’s

*2 Compared to a direct electric system. Information provided by Aquarea customer

*3 WH-MXC09H3E5 output flow temperature of 350C