Aquarea High Performance

Suitable for most common weather conditions in Europe can supply hot water at 55°C with only heat pump and up to 75°C with heater. High Performance range operates even at outdoor temperature of -20°C while the full capacity is keep constant down to -7°C outdoors.

Ideal for small spaces, this system produces hot/cold water and stores 200L of Domestic hot water in built in stainless steel tank.

A single outdoor unit that supplies water for cooling, heating and/or for storing domestic hot water.

A two-part system of an outdoor and indoor unit to supply cooling, heating and/ or for storing domestic hot water with a wide range that adapts to suit any home.

High Performance Mono‑bloc

  • Heating and cooling
  • Domestic hot water with external tank
  • For Radiators - Fan Coil - Floor heating
  • Wide range: From 5 to 16kW
  • Product label A++ (55°C), scale A++ to G
  • System label A+++ (35°C), scale A+++ to D
  • Aquarea Smart/Service Cloud option