Aquarea air to water heat pump

The peak of comfort, efficiency and low energy costs

An innovative new low-energy system

Aquarea is far cleaner, safer, cheaper and environmentally friendly than alternatives using gas, oil and other electrical systems.

Maximize the energy savings

Panasonic’s Aquarea Heat Pump provides savings of up to 80% on heating expenses compared to electrical heaters

A comfortable home all year round

The Aquarea provides a comfortable home even with extreme outdoor temperatures, heating in winter and cooling in summer.

3 reasons why Aquarea is an ideal solution for your home.

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New Aquarea J Generation with R32 Refrigerant. A small change that changes everything.

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The large range of Aquarea solutions helps you to make your home more efficient and the installation cheaper and easier.

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Aquarea Service Cloud for Installers / Maintenance.

Panasonic Aquarea Smart Cloud. Control for today and for the future.

For real savings at home, choose the new Aquarea H Generation.

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Aquarea All in One hydromodule + 200l tank. Compact and easy to install.

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Aquarea commercial solutions for best savings.

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New range of Fan Coil units compatible with Aquarea and VRF systems.

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