CONEX. New devices and apps

CONEX provides comfort and control for varying user needs


Intuitive control with stylish design.

· Simple operation at a glance
· Clean face with full flat & black LCD display
· Compact body, only 86x86 mm


Control comfort with your smartphone.

· Flexible control options with IoT integration
· New Panasonic H&C Control App for daily remote control operation
· Panasonic Comfort Cloud App for remote operation 24/7/365


Easy maintenance with service support app.

· Quick and easy app set-up for system setting
· Panasonic H&C Diagnosis App enables the user to obtain detailed system operation data
* The use of apps depends on the remote controller model.

Accessible, flexible and scalable with different controllers and apps.

Perfectly meeting requirements of modern controls for end user, installer and service.

With nanoe™ X function, technology with the benefits of hydroxyl radicals.

CONEX with IoT integration

The new wired remote controller series is fully integrated with IoT solutions developed by Panasonic.
Detailed operation, maintenance setting and service operation are all possible with smartphone or tablet.
New Panasonic H&C Diagnosis App 1).
Service checker function (detailed operation data etc...).
New Panasonic H&C Control App 2).
Detailed operation setting.
Detailed maintenance setting.
Panasonic Comfort Cloud App 3).
Detailed operation setting.
Remote operation via Wi-Fi.
a. Panasonic Service & Installer.
b. End user.
1) A service checker interface is required when this app is used from outdoor location. Wired remote controller (CZ-RTC6BL or CZ-RTC6BLW) is required when this app is used from indoor location. Available from winter 2020, compatible with PZ3 and PZH3 outdoor units.
2) CZ-RTC6BL or CZ-RTC6BLW required.
3) CZ-RTC6BLW required.

Flexible control options with IoT integration. 3 different apps for individual usage.

Service and installer

Panasonic H&C Diagnosis App.
· Tool for diagnosis and troubleshooting

Available functions:
· AC control (System view and Refrigerant circuit view)
· Real-time data (Indoor unit and Outdoor unit)
· Refrigerant cycle diagram and graph
· Data recording
· History data
· Error code tables

Option 1: indoor side. Service and installer.
Option 2: outdoor side. Panasonic service and installer.
* Only for PACi NX indoor and outdoor unit combinations.
** New service checker interface (optional).

End user, service and installer

Panasonic H&C Control App.
· Detailed operation setting
· Detailed maintenance setting
Available functions:
· ON/OFF, mode, temperature, airflow volume, airflow direction
· Weekly timer
· All energy saving functions
· Alarm display and history
· Filter sign
· Auto-address
· Test run
· Sensor value monitor
· Simple setting mode
· Detailed setting mode
· Key lock
· Ventilation fan control
· Display contrast adjustment
· Rotation, redundancy
· Quiet mode
· nanoe™ X
· Power consumption
· Unit naming
* PACi, PACi NX, ECOi, GHP outdoor units (only PACi NX in combination with CZ-RTC6BLW.)

End user

Panasonic Comfort Cloud App.
· Remote operation via Wi-Fi
Available functions:
· Mode
· Temperature
· Airflow volume
· Airflow direction
· Weekly timer
· Temperature setting range limitation
· Energy monitoring
· Alarm display
· nanoe™ X

Connectivity matrix

Wired connection compatible with
Wireless functions
App compatibility
Panasonic Comfort Cloud App
Panasonic H&C Control App
Panasonic H&C Diagnosis App
Outdoor unit settings (remote controller connected to indoor unit)

* When connected to PACi NX indoor and outdoor unit combination.
No wireless capability

√ Only PACi NX*

√ Only PACi NX*
√ Only PACi NX*
PACi NX only
Bluetooth® + Wi-Fi

√ Only PACi NX
√ Only PACi NX*
√ Only PACi NX*