As homeowners begin to move away from oil, LPG and electric heating systems, there is a high demand for a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution. A Cumbria-based family opted to switch to Panasonic’s Mono-Bloc air source heat pump just over a year ago and have since benefitted from savings of up to £1,200.  

This seven bedroom house in a rural community outside of Cumbria had been relying on an oil tank to provide heating. With the UK experiencing colder winters, the oil tank required more regular oil refills. This, combined with rising oil prices, prompted the homeowners to look for an alternative solution which would provide financial and environmental benefits.  

In November 2012, air source heat pump specialist, Heacol Ltd, was enlisted to provide an energy-saving solution. It was decided that the installation of a heat pump was imperative for economical heating to be achieved. The new heat pump would assist the existing oil boiler in creating a long-life solution with high energy savings.  

Panasonic’s 12kW Aquarea Mono-Bloc air source heat pump was specified by Heacol Ltd due to its  low start-up current and operating power (compared
other heat pumps), making this system particularly suitable for this application which was bound by the rural electricity grid.
  The Mono-Bloc system works with the oil boiler to provide hot water and heating throughout the entire house, whilst using minimum energy consumption.

This is achieved by the high temperature heat pump pulling fresh, clean and more importantly, free air and transferring this into sustainable energy to heat the home.  Panasonic’s Aquarea systems are proven to reduce energy costs and can achieve a COP of 4.74*, as well as energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

The Panasonic’s Mono-Bloc unit proved to substantially lower the cost of the families heating. In the 12 month period following installation, the oil tank had not been needed to be refilled at all.  

“The homeowners are extremely happy with the Panasonic Aquarea Mono-Bloc system as they are achieving impressive energy savings,” explains Brendon Uys, Managing Director of Heacol Ltd. “The benefit for us, was that the system was extremely easy to install, with a simple controller and programming method. The system offers long-term stability and is extremely reliable.  

As a result of installing this highly efficient heating system, which has excellent seasonal performance, the homeowners are now able to leave their heating on continually throughout the winter. Even with continuous energy use, cost savings for the homeowners have reached £1,200 within the first year of installation.

MCS certification was issued to the property at the end of the project.  

* The 9kW Aquarea T-Cap