Cooling specialists, Greencold, has taken its refrigerated trailers to a larger specification to accommodate the needs of an established multi-national UK food manufacturer. The project followed on from the success of its Quickfreeze rental trailer, where the Panasonic CO2 Cold Chain Condenser unit is installed within the trailer to provide the perfect mobile refrigeration and freezing solution.

Simon Andrew, Director of Greencold commented We originally worked with Panasonic on a solution for our smaller QuickFreeze trailer in 2019 where we were impressed with the support and output of the units. We use the trailer as a cold-room test facility and mobile refrigeration unit. The trailer allows us to easily conduct onsite tests for customer products to show chill and freeze temperatures, in addition to also allowing more capacity at our own site that doesnt take up workshop space at HQ. It was because of the original trailer and the natural refrigerant CO2 being used on the Panasonic cold chain units, that our client, Cranswick Convenience Foods MK, a multi-national food manufacturer, asked if they could purchase a larger trailer that could be fitted with the same Panasonic cold chain units.

The Panasonic CO2 2kW units were tested on the larger trailer (internal length of 5860mm, width 2030mm and height 2000mm), which proved to provide the ideal freezing and chilled capacities that the customer was looking for.  This larger trailer can accommodate five standard UK sized pallets end to end (1200mm x 1000mm) with a total static payload of 2500 kilograms and a capacity to reach -20oC. The inside is equipped with an 100mm joint free insulated panels and 100mm insulated floors with sanded surface.

On both the large and small trailer, the Panasonic Cold Chain CO2 units used are compact, lightweight, have low noise levels (a range of 35.5 dB(A) to 36dB(A)) and designed to fit into smaller spaces with dimensions of (HWD) 930mm x 800mm x 350mm and weighs just 67kg. The units are installed with a compatible ceiling mounted room air cooler and electronic controller and expansion valve. 

The natural refrigerant of CO2 used in the condensing units has a GWP (Global Warming Potential) equal to 1 as opposed to the current refrigerant typically used such as R404A having a GWP equal to 3,800. With refrigeration legislation increasing over the coming years, HFC R404A will be out of circulation by 2020.

Paul Taylor, UK Sales Manager for Panasonic UK further commented, Its great to see our units being used for mobile refrigeration logistic requirements and proving themselves on the larger trailers. The Panasonic CO2 units already have an impressive track record for reliability and efficiency with a clever single two stage temperature compression condensing unit and of compact size.

Based on Panasonic monitored data, the units provide 16% energy savings for chilled refrigeration and 25% energy savings for lower temperature freezer applications achieved in comparison to R404A.*

Simon Andrew further added, The Panasonic CO2 cold chain units offer a practical and straightforward method of installation with complete design support available. The units are compact, lightweight and have very low noise levels we are more than happy with the collaboration of working with an eco-friendly manufacturer such as Panasonic. From our facility in the UK we are able to supply CO2 refrigerated trailers for sale built to the customers requirements; size, shelving or dual compartment function for example.

Furthermore, our clients feedback has been very positive and has assisted with their objective of eliminating the need for their larger under-used cold store on site and HFC cooling systems dependency in general. Our client commented: We have been pleasantly surprised by the units performance during the warm weather spells this year and its reliability to date. It also contributes towards our goal of reducing our carbon footprint and eradicating HFCs from our site

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*Monitored within a 5°C to 27°C ambient 12-month operating period. Compared to R404A