As public awareness and new technology continues to progress, homeowners are constantly striving for a way to lower their bills and establish a ‘greener’ way of living. For one homeowner, Panasonic’s Aquarea heating and cooling system was the perfect match when looking for an alternative, environmental solution to the existing oil fired burner.

The homeowner’s four bedroom family home in Comberton, Cambridge was previously heated by an old oil fired burner. Although at the time of renovation oil prices were low, the homeowner also understood these prices could rise. The volatility in the price of oil, alongside the high maintenance cost of the tank as well as being reliant on the delivery of the oil led to the search for a new heating and hot water system.  

Local energy efficiency specialist and installer, Eco Installer, was tasked with proposing a sustainable alternative. Not only did the homeowner want to run an environmentally friendly property, but she also wanted to reduce her energy bills.   After considering the available options, it was agreed that a modern air source heat pump was the only reliable solution. With a guaranteed saving against oil heating, a heat pump also allowed the homeowner to cut her carbon emissions down significantly.  

Panasonic’s 12kW split system T-Cap air source heat pump was specified for the project. Replacing the current oil burner, the Panasonic system was teamed with both a Panasonic Aquarea indoor cylinder unit and DHW buffer tank to tend for the families heating and hot water needs. Panasonic’s DHW hot water tanks offer impressive efficiency, with a large surface exchange area and high insulation levels to minimise energy losses.

“Once we had established our client’s desire for a super-efficient, environmentally friendly heating and hot water system with low running costs and minimum maintenance, Panasonic was our first choice,” explains Shane Freeland, Director at Eco Installer. “Panasonic’s impressive Aquarea T-Cap range stood out as the perfect solution. Its ability to maintain the same nominal capacity even at -15C without the help of an electrical booster heater, alongside its reputation for the best efficiency compared to other heating systems meant we could guarantee our client a reliable and sustainable source.”  

Panasonic Aquarea heat pumps have a maximum COP of 5.08 at + 7C, making them more efficient than fossil fuel, oil fired burners, gas boilers and electrical heaters.  Alongside being very quiet when in use, the systems also have a night mode program for even lower noise. This is controlled via its accompanying remote control which also features an auto mode, holiday mode and
a special concrete speed drying mode to ease installation.

For the ultimate sustainable solution Eco Installer connected the Aquarea heat pump to a solar kit and iBoost system to increase the overall system efficiency and minimize the impact on the environment as requested by the homeowner.  

Within one week, Eco Installer had replaced a dated and costly heating and hot water system with Panasonic’s efficient heat pump, buffer tank and indoor cylinder, replaced all radiators and installed solar technology.