Marshgate Properties has recently completed a new housing development of two detached four-bed properties and six semi-detached three-bedroom homes in the rural village of North Kelsey, North Lincolnshire. Installer UK Alternative Energy has provided each property with renewable energy heating thanks to Panasonic’s Aquarea Mono-bloc air to water heat pumps which supply heating and domestic hot water to each home.

With sustainability and good quality high on the agenda for this new development, making the right specification choices was very important to the developer. Andy Denton, Director of Marshgate Properties commented, “Selecting sustainable energy options is high on our list of important aspects for the homes we build. We had already installed Panasonic Aquarea Heat Pumps on a previous project a year earlier and have been impressed with the units and their performance. This, together with UK Alternative Energy’s professional approach and proficient installation team, has proven successful for the heating and hot water provision for this latest project.”

With the new development’s rural location, mains gas was not an option as an energy source. Marshgate Properties has chosen to continue specifying the Panasonic Aquarea range of renewable air source heat pumps, making the move away from fossil fuels, and to help reduce the carbon footprint of each property, as well as providing on-going efficiencies for residents.

Marshgate Properties approached UK Alternative Energy again for the design and installation on this second project with the company. Secon, an authorised Panasonic distributor specialising in supplying high quality renewable solutions, supplied the Panasonic units for the project. After an initial consultation with the team from Marshgates, Secon and UK Alternative Energy regarding the development, heat loss calculations were carried out for each property, and a mixture of 5kW and 9kW Panasonic Aquarea Mono-bloc HP models were selected as the best solution for the varying demands of each different sized home.

All the homes on the development have underfloor heating to the ground floor, with radiators to the first floor, with heating and hot water supplied via the Panasonic Aquarea Mono-bloc air source heat pumps and unvented heat pump compatible cylinders.

Derrick Denton of UK Alternative Energy further added, “The main benefits for the selected Panasonic units were their high SCOP figures at the design temperature, resulting in low running cost for the home-owner, plus of course the extra space made available within the property due to the main heating components being integrated within the Panasonic outdoor unit.”

The Aquarea HP Mono-bloc is a single system to heat and cool the home and produce hot water, thus solving a variety of problems while allowing occupants to enjoy greater comfort. The Mono-bloc range can be simply connected to underfloor heating, radiators, or fan coil units. The range boasts high energy efficiency, is rated A at 35ºC and A at 55ºC plus has a high SCOP capacity. Furthermore, the impressive system can work under higher pressure and reach a 65ºC water flow temperature for the ultimate high performing unit.

Simon Brown, Business Development Manager – Heat Pumps for Panasonic commented, “The advanced Mono-bloc is specially designed for low consumption homes, ideal for new residential properties. The powerful units can even maintain heating capacity in low outdoor temperatures down to -20ºC, providing users with significant savings in purchase price and running costs.”

The Panasonic Aquarea Mono-bloc is extremely energy efficient and is very quiet in operation and offers a superb and sustainable alternative to traditional boilers with zero emissions at point of use and a lower carbon cost than mains gas, oil, LPG and direct electric. Furthermore, all residents will benefit from reduced heating and hot water bills.

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