Gennevilliers, 26 January 2015 – Panasonic Heating and Cooling has just fitted out the Renault-Nissan dealership in Romans-sur-Isère (southern France) with two ECO G VRFs.

Heating in the Renault-Nissan dealership in Romans-sur-Isère was originally provided by a gas-fired air heater. The dealer wanted to change the system so it would provide both heating and air conditioning. Using a 100 % electric VRF presented some problems. Considering the footprint of the building (1450 m²), such a solution would have consumed too much electricity, so much it would have required increasing the power supply to the site. This is why the dealer preferred the Panasonic Gas VRF solution, a system capable of providing heating and air conditioning without causing an increase in energy costs.

An air ventilation system combining aesthetics, efficiency and innovation
The heating and air conditioning system had to meet strict criteria. It had to respect the design of the site and the Renault-Nissan visual identity while providing maximum comfort to customers and employees and limiting the site’s electrical consumption. Particular care was taken with the aesthetics. Panasonic preferred interior units that were as discreet as possible (ductable), and customized the housings to the colours of the dealership so as to integrate them harmoniously with the decor.  

Panasonic VRF, combining simplicity and effectiveness

Split into two buildings, the Romans-sur-Isère dealership’s footprint exceeds 1450 m² with offices, sales areas, delivery areas, and a computer room.   No fewer than 30 interior units were installed (high-pressure ductable units for the sales areas, housings and wall units from the offices, two mini splits for the computer room and is the after-sales area) and two ECO G VRF units placed on the roof of the building. The reversible system can provide either heat or cooling in optimal conditions of comfort: each room is independent with a temperature control by thermostat. “This dealership is the perfect demonstration of the advantage of a gas VRF solution, especially when the site to be air-conditioned is subject to severe energy constraints,” highlights Hervé Guillard, manager at Panasonic Heating and Cooling in France.  

Focus on the Panasonic Gas VRF

A professional solution, the Panasonic GHP VRF range is a market leader. This range has been specifically designed to save energy, especially for projects subject to restrictions in electrical power. These systems offer high effectiveness and performance with maximum relia bility. They enable considerable energy savings. Using Panasonic Gas VRF limits maintenance costs and is the perfect solution to heating, air-conditioning and cooling needs. The noise level is considerably reduced, which is particularly important to guarantee the acoustic comfort of users and the surrounding neighbourhood.