System: WH-SDF03E3E5, WH-UD03EE5, 5 O/U 
Inst. capacity: 5x3 kW 
Owner: Block Watne, new installation in  Stavanger (Norway) 
Year installation: 2013

Background: In Rossåsen, Some 25 kilometres south of the Norwegian oil capital Stavanger, the construction company Block Watne has built five low-energy houses.

Project Challenge: The buildings are so energy-efficient, that heating the tap water consumes almost twice as much energy as the heating of the building itself. Installing electrical hot water boiler is prohibited in new buildings in Norway, due to very strict building regulations, which also states that at least 60 per cent of a building’s energy consumption must come from alternative/renewable sources.  

Solution: Block Watne decided to install an air-to-water heat pump for the hot water production. A 3kW heat pump in combination with a 200 litre water tank is enough to fulfil the needs of a four-person household, and cuts the energy consumption in half! Compared to an electric hot water boiler, requiring some 4,700 kWh/year, the heat pump system only consumes 2,240 kWh/year.

Control: Control is the standard control panel that follow the indoor unit.

3rd Party Comments: Mr. Niklas Kiiveri  (EcoConsult A/S, Project manager company): This was the first passive-house project for EcoConsult and it has been an interesting case involving a “high performance” setup of equipment. Mainly because of the high temperatures that the system will be working with, and at the same time the demands for very low energy consumption. We are very pleased with the solution so far and are now running two of the houses with extra energy meters installed, to thoroughly documents the systems’ true performance.

Project Management: EcoConsult
AS Installer co.: Dalaker Rør AS
Installation Data:
Range: Aquarea