Sun City Mall (Novosibirsk, Russia)

Air Conditioning System: FSV ME1 Series: 47 systems
Cooling Capacity: 1,605 kW / 456 USRT
Indoor Units:
Wall Mounted: 115 units
4-Way Cassette: 49 units
Ceiling: 59 units
Low-static ducted: 60 units

Words from the designer and installer:
When we were designing this project, we had to maintain a balance between cost, reliability, and technical parameters. A major issue was the climate in Novosibirsk, which is extremely tough on VRF systems—it’s common to see rapid and very large temperature changes here. So the installed system had to be able to function effectively within stable operational parameters and provide totally reliable air conditioning for the shopping mall.
In the end, our decision to choose a Panasonic VRF system was influenced by our own personal experience, as well as by the recommendations of some business colleagues who were already using a Panasonic system.