Timer remote controller (CZ-RTC2)

Basic remote controller ON/OFF
  • Operation mode changeover (Cooling, Heating, Dry, Auto, Fan).
  • Temperature setting (Cooling/Dry: 18-30 deg Heating: 16-30 deg).
  • Fan speed setting H/ M/ L and Auto.
  • Air flow direction adjustment.

Time Function 24 hours real time clock
Week day indicator.

Weekly Programme Function
A maximum of 6 actions can be programmed for each day.

Outing Function
This function can prevent the room temperature from dropping or rising when the occupants are out for a long time.

Sleeping Function
This function controls the room temperature for comfortable sleeping.

Max. 8 indoor units can be controlled from one remote controller

Remote control by main remote controller and sub controller is possible
Max. 2 remote controllers (main remote controller and sub controller) can be installed for one indoor unit.

Possible to connect to the outdoor unit using PAW-MRC cable for servicing purposes

Dimensions (H x W x D): 120 x 120 x 16 mm