Advanced energy recovery ventilation ZY Series

Panasonic energy recovery ventilation (ERV) recovers up to 83% heat exchange efficiency, providing balanced, energy-efficient ventilation.

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· Recovers up to 83% of the heat in the outgoing air
· 9 model line-up including 2.000m³/h model
· DC motors
· ESP up to 150Pa
· An effective F7 grade filter built-in as a standard
· Intuitive remote controller with RS485 connection

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a key consideration for any business owner looking to create a healthy and comfortable environment.

Heat exchange efficiency (%).
Recovers up to 83% of the heat in the outgoing air.
ZY Series achieves more than 80% of heat exchange efficiency in all the line-up 1). The high recovery rate optimizes operation cost.

1) Heating operation, H1 speed setting.

Cooling - Heating

Ventilation volume setting PQ curve example.
Easy adjust for air volume balance.
DC motors are equipped with independent control settings for air supply and exhaust. Air volume balance can be easily adjusted with 4 speeds settings for each Hi / Low operation.

a. Static pressure (Pa) / b. Hi setting / c. Low setting / d.Air flow (m³/h)

Intuitive remote controller with RS485 connection.
Simple and clean screen with white back light panel.
RS485 terminal equipped to integrate with Building Management Systems.
Backbox is included in the package.