New Aquarea T-CAP Mono-bloc

Aquarea T-CAP Mono‑bloc J Generation R32 provides both domestic hot water and heat for radiators and underfloor heating from one outdoor unit

For retrofit and new builds, Aquarea T-CAP is the ideal solution for those installations where the output capacity is demanding.

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Adapts to your home

Selecting from a range of capacities, from 9kW to 16kW, you can find lower initial investment and lower operational cost options. The range fully adapts the system to the needs of your home, whether it is a new build or a refurbishment, as it is able to reach up to 65°C water outlet.

Heat Pump, 80% of energy for free

Based on Air to Water heat pump technology, Aquarea is highly efficient and environmentally friendly. It captures heat energy from the ambient air and transfers it to heat the water needed to warm your home, for domestic hot water and even to cool the house if wished. In this way, up to 80% of the heat energy required is taken from the ambient air ‑ even in extremely low temperatures.

More comfort

The Aquarea Heat Pump is able to precisely control the temperature thanks to reliable Panasonic Inverter Compressors. Even in adverse weather conditions (-20°C), Aquarea warms your home effectively and efficiently. Aquarea can also cool space in summer and bring hot water all year round, offering different modes to give the ultimate comfort.

Space-saving solution

Aquarea T-CAP Mono‑bloc is the ideal space-saving solution for any home as the unit does not require a separate hydrokit inside. Additionally, thanks to the unit’s neat design, all refrigerant is sealed in the outdoor unit, leaving only water pipes needed inside the property. For further space-saving ideas, combine Aquarea Mono‑bloc with a Combo tank, which incorporates the DHW with a buffer tank.

Aquarea T‑CAP for extremely low temperatures

Aquarea T‑CAP for extremely low temperatures, refurbishment and innovation.

Ideal to ensure that the heating capacity is maintained even at very low temperatures. This line-up is able to maintain the heat pump output capacity until -20°C outdoor temperature without the help of an electrical booster heater*. 

With Mono‑bloc, the refrigerant circuit is sealed inside the outdoor unit, so there is no need to worry about the amount of refrigerant per room.

* 35ºC flow temperature.

65°C** water temperature possible.

By optimising the system and the refrigerant cycle, the unit can work under higher pressure and realise a water temperature of 65°C.

 **In case of ΔT setting with remote controller is 15°C and outdoor ambient temperature is 5 to 20°C, 65°C hot water temperature is possible. Even with the T‑CAP series, capacity will drop when water temperature reaches.


How Aquarea T‑CAP maintains performance even at -20°C outdoors

A patent has been obtained for technology that can maintain heating capacity even in low outdoor temperatures through optimal control that comes from incorporating dual-piped heat exchanger into the refrigeration cycle.

Dual-piped heat exchanger. Low pressure and low-temperature refrigerant in the inner pipe.

More savings, more efficiency and more comfort

Higher efficiency compared to other heating systems

Panasonic heat pumps have a maximum COP of 5,08 at +7 °C which makes them much more efficient than others heating systems.

T‑CAP is also able to provide extremely high efficiencies, whatever the outside or the water temperature.

No need to oversize to reach required capacity at low temperatures

Panasonic heat pumps can work in outdoor temperatures as low as -20 °C and maintain capacity without backup heating at -20 °C*. With other heat pumps, a larger capacity is required to achieve the same level of comfort at low temperatures. * 35 °C flow temperature.

1. Fuel fired boiler

2. Gas boiler

3. T‑CAP 9 kW at -7 °C. Water 35 °C

4. T‑CAP 9 kW at -7 °C. Water 55 °C

5. T‑CAP 9 kW at +7 °C. Water 35 °C

6. T‑CAP 9 kW at +7 °C. Water 55 °C 

A. Capacity in kW

B. Outdoor temperature

1. Capacity needed to heat the house

2. Other heat pumps need electrical heater to cover the demand of the house

3. Other heat pump. The capacity of other heat pumps needs to be higher than the Panasonic heat pumps

4. Panasonic 12 kW T‑CAP*. Panasonic heat pump does not need heater as the capacity is maintained. The capacity is stable even at -15 °C, no need to oversize the Heat Pump. *55 °C flow temperature. In case of 35 °C the capacity is mantained down to -20 °C.

5. Bad performance to big capacity 

6. High flexibility with Panasonic Inverter compressors. High Performance even at part load

Optional accessories

Combine Aquarea T-CAP Mono-bloc with a high efficiency optional accessories for higher energy savings.

Aquarea T-CAP Mono‑bloc J Generation R32.

Heat Recovery Ventilation + DHW Combo Tank (optional).

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DHW Tanks (optional). Combo Tank, Enamelled Tank or Stainless Steel Tank.

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Fan coils for heating and cooling (optional).

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Control through smartphone, tablet or computer (optional, requires CZ-TAW1).

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Heat Pump + HIT Photovoltaic solar panel (optional).

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Anti-freeze valve (optional, PAW-A2W-AFVLV).

Wireless LCD room thermostat with weekly timer (optional, PAW-A2W-RTWIRED / PAW-A2W-RTWIRELESS).