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Leveraging heat pump technology and our unique expertise, Panasonic has been working for many years to help achieve an ideal society and enrich people’s lives. The wide range of Aquarea products provides optimum solutions that are tailored to individual lifestyles while offering outstanding environmental performance.

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A Better Life

A Better World

Panasonic Environmental Vision

To achieve “a better life” and “a sustainable global environment,” Panasonic will work towards creation and more efficient utilisation of energy which exceeds the amount of energy used, aiming for a society with clean energy and a more comfortable lifestyle.

If we change now, we can help save the future

At the current rate, it is estimated that the average global surface temperature will rise by 4°C over the next 100 years.
To help prevent this, we have been engaged in a variety of initiatives over the past several decades. One of our solutions is an indoor heating and cooling system that leverages our heat pump technology. 

Eight risks of climate change

Negative impacts on marine ecosystems and biodiversity

Negative impact on human health and livelihoods due to storm surges, coastal flooding, and rising sea levels

Negative impact on human health and livelihoods due to inland flooding

Food scarcity and decreased food security due to rising temperatures and drought

Negative impact on inland and freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity

Infrastructure shutdowns due to extreme weather

Scarcity of water resources and reduced agricultural productivity

Deaths and illness due to heat waves

A heat pump turns heat energy outside into warmth inside

Air to Water Heat Pump technology

How does the Aquarea compressor work?

A. Warm air in and Cool air out

B. Heat exchanger transfers heat to refrigerant

C. Compressor compresses refrigerant to high temperature and pressure

D. Heat exchanger transfers heat to water

E. Expansion valve brings refrigerant to low temperature and pressure

F. Heated water out and Heat-extracted water in

1. Thermal energy

2. Air in

3. Water supply

4. Bath Shower

5. Hot water supply

6. Underfloor heating

7. Kitchen

8. Radiator

Comparison:1 kW input versus output in kW

A. Energy (kW)

B. Oil / gas boiler

C. Electric heating

D. 5 times the output energy !

1. 0.8

2. 1.0

3. Free energy

4. Power input

Advantages of Air to Water Heat Pump

As much as 79% of the energy consumption of European homes comes from heating and producing DHW. That’s why, compared to conventional boilers and electric heaters, highly efficient Panasonic Air to Water Heat Pump technology can make a significant difference. Moreover, by converting heat energy in the air into household warmth, this technology helps reduce COemissions and environmental impact. Compared to an electric heater, the Air to Water Heat Pump offers five times the output in kilowatts per every input in kilowatts. Leveraging the power of this technology can revolutionise the efficiency of heating, cooling and supplying hot water while cutting CO2. It’s the right solution for the new era of environmental consciousness.