Free Multi System Z · R32 Gas

Using new R32 Refrigerant. Full flexibility up to 9,0kW and up to 5 ports with wide range of indoor units including high performance Etherea indoor units, reaching up to A+++ / A++.

Find your ideal Free Multi combination

Outdoor Units Free Multi System Z • R32 Gas
System Capacity (Min - Max Indoor Cooling Capacity Nominal)

Possible outdoor / indoor units combinations • R32 GAS
A - Etherea graphite grey / B - Etherea silver / C - Etherea white Matt / D - TZ super-compact / E - Floor console / F - 4 Way 60x60 cassette / G - Low static pressure hide-away

1) Pipe reducer CZ-MA1PA required. 2) Pipe reducer CZ-MA2PA required. 3) Pipe reducers CZ-MA2PA and CZ-MA3PA required.
* Compatible only with 2 ports Outdoor CU-2Z35TBE / CU-2Z41TBE / CU-2Z50TBE.