PRO Partner - Terms & Conditions
1. To become a PRO Partner you must be an installation company
2. PRO Partners must uphold Panasonic's reputation for quality and reliability.
3. In case of Heating PRO Partner, the company must have MCS certification and provide a hard copy.
4. PRO Partners must have at least one Panasonic accredited installer (check PRO Club for course dates)
5. PRO Partners must be registered in the Panasonic PRO Club website.
6. PRO Partners can/will enjoy some additional benefits given by Panasonic.   
   ◦ 5 year compressor warranty
   ◦ Points incentive scheme for the PRO Partners
   ◦ Direct contact to the service and sales support team
   ◦ Website listing on Panasonic's website
   ◦ Other sales and marketing support (Detailed information can be given by Panasonic staff)

7. The company applying should have the recommendation of at least one of our distributors.
8. One installation may be checked by Panasonic during the year.
9. Commissioning sheet must be submitted to Panasonic claiming the corresponding points and gifts.
10. If an issue arises due to incorrect installation, the PRO Partner will be responsible for the cost implied.
11. Points cannot be collated with another PRO Partner.
12. The PRO Partners will be reviewed on a yearly basis.
13. Panasonic reserves the right of membership and numbers will be restricted.