New 16kW T-CAP. High capacity improvement at low ambient & high efficiency

T-CAP stands for Total Capacity. This line-up is able to maintain the same nominal capacity even at -15°C without the help of an electrical booster heater. Ideal for retrofit or commercial applications.
  • Install A Class pump Industry top class energy-saving!
  • Adding many new functions: Auto mode, Holiday mode, power consumption display, …
  • High heating capacity even at low ambient temperatures. Maintains capacity of 16kW down to -15°C outdoor temperature
No need to specify a 20 or 25 kW Heat Pump which will loose capacity at temperatures below 0°C, Panasonic’s 16kW T-Cap maintains its capacity even down to -15°C and delivers 16kW of heating!
Enhance larger capacity (16kW)
More Energy saving with A Class pump.
Adding new functions
Auto mode, Holiday mode, Displays power consumption, New de-ice control, Concrete Dry mode, Lock cooling mode and Pump speed control.
For retrofit houses
Replace easily expensive gas or oil boilers for high efficient 16kW T-CAP or manage bivalent installations (heat pump and existing gas or oil boiler) with the Heat Pump Manager.
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For commercial applications
Wide range of capacities now covered - from 9kW to 45kW with the Heat Pump Manager. Also you are able to connect up to three heat pumps on cascade with the Heat Pump Manager.
For heating and cooling mode
The 16kW model is able to heat the water at 55°C and is highly efficient even when the temperature is as low as -20°C. Cooling operation can be activated on the remote control to cool water up to +5°C.
For heating and sanitary hot water
Efficient domestic hot water tanks allow large storage for high consumption of hot water (for example Jacuzzi or bathtub). All our tanks have an anti-legionella protection with a backup heater of 3 kW.
The new T-CAP range has extended with the addition of the 16kW pump
The new 16kW maintains full capacity of 16kW even at outdoor temperatures down to -15°C. The whole T-CAP line-up can replace old gas or oil boilers, and in a new application with under floor heating, low temperature radiators or even fan-coil heaters. This range can also be connected to a solar kit in order to increase efficiency and minimize the impact on the ecosystem. Finally, it is possible to connect a thermostat for even better heating or cooling control and management.
The 16kW fits perfectly to retrofit houses, as well as to commercial applications to heat and cool the applications and also to provide sanitary hot water.
A Class pump. More energy saving
Aquarea T-CAP maintains the nominal capacity until -15°C
The T-CAP line-up is able to maintain the same nominal capacity even at -15°C without the help of an electrical booster heater. T-CAP is also able to provide extremely high efficiencies, whatever the outside or the water temperature. Panasonic has now extended the range with the new three phase 16kW.
· Backup heater capacity can be selected (3/6/9kW)
· Cooling mode activation possible by software*
* This activation can only be done by service partner or installer

A. Capacity in kW
B. Capacity is stable even at -15°C, no need to oversize the heat pump
C. High flexibility with Panasonic Inverter compressors. High performance even at part load
D. Capacity needed to heat the house
E. Outdoor temperature
F. Panasonic heat pump does not need heater as the capacity is maintained
G. Capacity of other heat pumps need to be higher than the Panasonic heat pumps
H. Bad performance to big capacity
I. Other Heat pumps need electrical heater to cover the demand of the house
J. Other heat pump
Low power consumption of the pump (only 45 W)
With the new 16kW T-CAP you can save around 55€ per Year*.
* Assuming a yearly cost of 220€ for the standard pump, can vary depending on size and consumption.
New indoor unit design
· New A-class pump with 7 speeds
· Expansion vessel of 10L
· Selectable booster heater (3/6/9kW)
1. Standard / 2. Panasonic T-CAP A Class Pump
1. Flow switch / 2. Water heat plate exchanger / 3. Expansion vessel 10l / 4. Water pump. High efficiency pump made by Panasonic / 5. Pressure relief valve / 6. Automatic air purge / 7. Heater assembly 3/6/9kW selectable on the remote control
New features
New remote control functions
For installer
1. Floor heating concrete dry mode: Allows to increase temperature of floor heating slowly via software.
2. Heating and Cooling Mode: Authorized service partner or Authorized installer can enable the cooling mode through a special operation via the remote controller on site.
3. Pump with 7 speeds: Pump speed can be selected on the remote control.

For customer

4. Auto Mode: Automatically changes from heating to cooling depending on outdoor temperature.
5. Energy Consumption: Displays the heat pump’s energy consumption, split by heating, cooling and domestic hot water, and shows total consumption figure.
6. Holiday Mode: Enables the system to resume at the preset temperature after your holiday.

B: 1 stage for 1 day (maximum 99 stages) / Min 25°C to 55°C
C: Day