New 5kW Mono-Bloc single phase

Maximum savings, Maximum efficiency, Minimum CO2 emissions, Minimum of space
Panasonic has designed the new 5kW Aquarea Mono-Bloc heat pump for small houses which have high performance requirements.
Whatever the weather, the 5kW heat pump will always give you maximum efficiency, even at -20°C! The New Aquarea heat pump is easy to install on new or existing installations, in all types of properties.

How do you get heating and hot water from air?
An Aquarea Air Source Heat Pump captures fresh air and passes it over refrigerant-filled coils (think fridge!). The captured heat is automatically transferred to water, which is then ready for use in your heating system and for supplying all of your domestic hot water needs. Panasonic’s latest technology offers you a sustainable alternative to oil, LPG and electric heating systems.
Aquarea High Performance for low consumption houses. From 3 to 16kW
For a house with low temperature radiators or under-floor heating, our high performance Aquarea heat pump is a good solution. This solution can work as a stand-alone unit or can be combined with an existing gas- or oil-fired heating system depending on requirements. This new solution is ideal for low consumption homes.
High Performance Pumps are also Highly Efficient
COP comparison
Electrical heater with new Aquarea 5kW Mono-Bloc.
At -15°C* / At -7°C* / At +2°C* / At +7°C*
A: COP / B: Heating Capacity
* With heating water at 35°C 
Power output / heating capacity (kW)
A: Electrical Heater B: New Aquarea 5kW Mono-Bloc
* The comparison is made on nominal manufacturer values based on the following conditions. Rating conditions: Heating: Inside air temperature: 20°C Dry Bulb / Outside air temperature: 7°C Dry Bulb / 6°C Wet Bulb. Conditions : Water input temperature: 30°C. Water output temperature: 35°C
Application examples 
Application 1:
· Ground floor and · 1st floor: floor heating. · Sanitary hot water for 4 persons 
Panasonic Solution: 
· Mono-Bloc heat pump of 5kW. · Efficient HRS 200 tank with high exchange surface, high insulation allowing installation in an unheated part of the house, high durability. 

Mono-Bloc application examples. 
Heating + Sanitary Hot Water
A: Outside
B: Sanitary tank (200 l or 300 l)
C: Technical area
D: Inside house

Application B:
· Ground floor and 1st floor: Radiators
Panasonic Solution:
· Mono-Bloc heat pump of 5kW. · Aquarea Air radiators working with water at 35°C, allowing 32% more efficiency on the heating system as standard low temperature radiators.

Heating Plug and Play System
A: Outside B: Inside house

How Panasonic helps you How Panasonic heat pumps can help you save money
· Large range of solutions which can be integrated in your projects
· Mono-Bloc line up for easy installation, no refrigerant installation and small foot print
·Large installer and service team available on for efficient follow-up and support for your project
· Helps you to reduce the cost of your construction and increase reliability
· Panasonic has expanded our distribution network, providing delivery when you need it
· Panasonic offers a strong service network for startups and commissioning

How Panasonic helps you to specify the correct heating system
· Panasonic can help you adhere to strict building regulations
· Design software, specs and noise calculator available on

How to install the Panasonic Heat Pump

· If Mono-Bloc required, there is no need for a certified gas installer
· Simple set up with a very easy to handle remote control
· Reliable
· Safety valve and expansion vessel included
· Concrete Dry mode
· Lock cooling mode
· Pump speed control levels 1-7

Key points of the line-up
· A-Class pump significantly reduces the energy consumption
New A class pump with variable volume-flow (Dynamic Pump Control) for 5kW Mono-Bloc Comparison of energy consumption - Standard pumps vs A class pump
A: 75 W Standard pumps B: 47 W A class pump C: Equivalent to 100 €/year saving*
* Based on German market: Assuming a yearly cost of 180 € for a standard pump may vary depending on consumption and energy cost.

· A Class pump adapts water pressure according to demand, reducing energy consumption, noise on the valves, and makes installation easy without buffer tanks or manifold

· No Backup heater needed to maintain the capacity at -15°C, High efficiency guaranteed even at -15°C
· Many new remote control functions added: Auto mode, holiday mode, show power consumption
1. RCCB (2 pieces).
2. Terminals.
3. Overload protector.
4. Condensor.
5. Pressure gauge: allows read out of the water pressure in the water circuit.
6. Electrical Heater.
7. A-class pump.
With a Panasonic heat pump, there is no need to over size the heat pump to reach the required capacity at low temperatures. 
· Dedicated software for low consumption houses which allows the heat pump to produce hot water at 20°C. This is needed during the seasons, when a little heating is required
· No need for an additional expansion vessel, as the unit already has a 6l expansion vessel
· No buffer tank required as the Panasonic heat pump has an inverter compressor which can regulate the capacity. (Please check on the service manual the minimum volume of water needed on the circuit)
· 3kW electrical heater is included on the heat pump
· Panasonic heat pumps can work in outdoor temperatures as low as -20°C and guarantee the capacity without backup heating down to -15°C
· Panasonic heat pumps are very quiet and have a night mode program for even lower noise. See noise calculator on

A: Capacity in kW
B: Outdoor temperature
C: Capacity is stable even at -15°C, no need to oversize the heat pump
D: High flexibility with Panasonic Inverter compressors / High performance even at part load
E: Capacity needed to heat the house
F: Panasonic heat pump does not need heater as the capacity is maintained
G: Capacity of other heat pumps need to be higher than the Panasonic heat pumps
H: Bad performance to big capacity
I: Other heat pump
J: Other Heat pumps needs electrical heater to cover the needs of the house
Special attention has been given to noise levels - Panasonic created a night mode to reduce the noise when it’s needed.
1. Sound pressure measured at 1 m from the outdoor unit and at 1.5 m height.
2. At standard condition working at heating capacity at +7°C with heating water at 35°C for two fans outdoor units. For one fan outdoor units, night mode reduction is 3dB(A).
A: Normal mode B: Night mode² C: Noise level
New features
For installer
1. Floor heating concrete dry mode: Allows to increase temperature of floor heating slowly via software.
2. Heating and Cooling Mode: Authorized service partner or Authorized installer can enable the cooling mode through a special operation via the remote controller on site.
3. Pump with 7 speeds: Pump speed can be selected on the remote control.

For customer

4. Auto Mode: Automatically changes from heating to cooling depending on outdoor temperature.
5. Energy Consumption: Displays the heat pump’s energy consumption, split by heating, cooling and domestic hot water, and shows total consumption figure.
6. Holiday Mode: Enables the system to resume at the preset temperature after your holiday.

B: 1 stage for 1 day (maximum 99 stages) / Min 25°C to 55°C
C: Day