GHP + WHE heating, cooling and DHW


Excellent applicability when there is a thermal demand for heat, DHW and cooling, as well as additional thermal usages such as swimming pools, SPA, laundries: Hotels, sports centers, hospitals, gymnasiums, homes, shopping centers, etc.
The ECO G solution for gas boiler replacement
  • Combined with a Water Heat Exchanger unit, the Panasonic GHP can create a flexible system, the ideal replacement for existing chiller and boiler systems in order to increase efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Reused heat from the engine is an alternative to thermal solar energy
  • No defrost cycle
  • Super silent outdoor units

  • No glycol needed as the hydromodule can be placed in heated part of building
  • Keep existing water installation and fan coils
  • Oversizing is reduced by keeping the power at a low temperature.
  • No need for cooling towers
  • Electrical demand spikes or possible costs derived from investments in new electrical infrastructures are lowered.
Case Study, Hotel Application
35% Energy Saving
Example of Hotel renewal of existing Chiller and Boiler system with Panasonic GHP and Aquarea mixed solution.
GHP and Aquarea are the smart solution for renewal Chiller/Boiler applications with annual running cost savings around 13.600€.

1. Gas boiler / 2. Chiller / 3. Aquarea* / 4. GHP+WHE
* Electric to support pick of consumption on domestic hot water. ** COP including HSW (U-20GE2E8).
EER and COP calculated in primary energy.
With GHP outdoor units:
In heating mode, at very low outdoor temperature -21°C, the available power is maintained. No defrost cycle happens and stable heating comfort is guaranteed.
  • Hot water outlet temperatures from 35°C to 55°C
  • Chilled water outlet temperatures from -15°C to 15°C
  • Outdoor temperature range in cooling mode: -10°C to +43°C
  • Minimum outdoor temperature in heating mode: -21°C
ECO G Water Heat Exchanger. Mixed System Application
  • The GHP Multi System can have an indoor unit plus a GHP chiller. When the two systems are operated independently, an outdoor unit with 130% capacity can be connected
1. Outdoor unit / 2. ECO G chiller Water Heat Exchanger / 3. Buffer tank / 4. Control wiring / 5. Refrigerant piping / 6. Water piping / 7. Air handling unit / 8. Duct* / 9. Fan coil unit / 10. Floor heating
Note: The mode of running of outdoor unit depends on the Water Heat Exchanger’s mode. The water pump is not included in the Water Heat Exchanger unit. For simultaneous operation, however, the maximum capacity is 130%. Please inquire details of this system design of Panasonic. * Standard DX type indoor unit system.