PACi Elite from 20,0 to 25,0kW - R32

Up to 4 indoor units can be connected to the same outdoor unit. Panasonic’s PACi units 20,0 and 25,0 can be installed as twin, triple and double-twin systems. The indoor units can be combined as per the selection table. The operation will always be simultaneous. All the indoor units will work with the same settings.

Find your ideal combination.

Outdoor units PACi Elite Single, Twin Triple and Double-Twin System - R32.

PACi Elite Single/Simultaneous operation system combinations - R32.

Indoor / Outdoor.
1. PACi 1x1 Kit solution.

Indoor units.

A - Wall-mounted / B - 4 Way 90x90 Cassette / C - 4 Way 60x60 Cassette / D - Ceiling / E - High Static Pressure Hide Away / F - Low Static Pressure Hide Away.