Panasonic introducing the gas driven VRF

ECO G and ECO G Multi, S Series
Panasonic’s GHP range is extensive and covers the ECO G and ECO G Multi Series, and the S Series. Our GHP VRF range of commercial systems is leading the industry in the development of efficient and flexible systems, and is the natural choice for commercial projects, especially those where power restrictions apply. As you would expect, all our gas-driven VRF systems have the highest reliability rates in the industry and a leading customer service programme. The torque and rpm control functions of the GHP’s motor are comparable with an inverter-type electric air conditioner. Thus, the GHP ensures individual, and efficient control and performance - just as you expect from an electric inverter controlled air conditioner.

Internet Control Ready (Optional) / High savings / Environmentally friendly refrigerant (R410A)
Easy to position
The advanced Gas Driven VRF systems offers increased efficiency and performance across the range. Now more powerful than ever before, it can connect up to 48 indoor units. Improvements include increased part load performance, reduced gas consumption with a Miller-cycle engine and reduced electrical consumption by using DC fan motors.
  • Up to 71 kW of cooling from a current consumption of 11.0 AMPs
  • Single phase power supply across the range 
  • The option of natural gas or LPG as its main power source 
  • A water heat exchanger to connect to domestic hot water systems
    16–25 HP (2-Pipe units only)
  • Option of DX or chilled water for indoor heat exchange
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
High Power 1% this is what the new ECO G High Power is consuming versus your Electrical VRF. Your savings starts now! Ideal for locations with low electricity grid, for Chiller, Ventilation and Air conditioning application.
The S Series 2-Pipe not only offers improved performance but also increased flexibility.
3 Way heat recovery system with simultaneous heating & cooling.
ECO G and ECO G Multi benefits

High-efficiency operation
All models are equipped with a high-performance air exchanger and a newly developed refrigerant heat exchanger for high efficiency operation, making them one of the most energy efficient solutions on the market.

Lowest nitrogen oxide emissions
The GHP VRF systems have the lowest nitrogen oxide emissions, 66% below the standard. In a pioneering development, the Panasonic GHP features a brand new lean-burn combustion system that utilises air fuel ratio feedback control to reduce NOx emissions to an all time low.

High performance
With its advanced heat exchanger design, this new GHP system offers improved efficiency and reduced running costs, which, coupled with improved engine management systems, have greatly improved the system COP rating.
Excellent economy
The Panasonic GHP provides quick and powerful cooling/heating and increases delivery of heat into the space by the efficient recovery of heat from the engine cooling water, which is injected into the refrigerant circuit by a highly efficient plate heat exchanger. In addition, the use of engine waste heat ensures that our gas heat pump air conditioner requires no defrost cycle, therefore providing continuous 100% heating performance in severe weather conditions with an outside air temperature as low as -20 ºC. During cooling mode the rejected heat from the engine is available for use with in a DHW system and can supply up to 30 kW of hot water at 75 ºC. The DHW is also available in heating when the outside air temp is above 7 ºC.

Water chiller option
Our GHP system is also available with a water chiller option, which can be combined with individual outdoor units or as part of a DX chilled water mix of indoor units. The system can be operated via a BMS system or a Panasonic supplied control panel, with chilled water set points from -15 ºC – 15 ºC and heating set points 25 ºC – 55 ºC.

No defrost requirements Below 7 ºC ambient in heating mode, the outdoor fans switch off, saving further running costs and CO2 emissions.
For hydronic applications.