Air Curtain LS and HS type with DX Coil

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Air curtain with DX Coil, connected to the VRF or PACi Systems

Compatible with R32 or R410A outdoor units.

High efficiency air curtain connected to your PACi or VRF installation. EC Fan motor for a smooth operation and an efficient performance. 2 types of air flow available: LS and HS! Easy installation, regulation, cleaning, service.


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Air Curtain LS and HS type with DX Coil
9.7 kW
Outdoor unit 10,0kW
Reference PAW-15PAIRC-LS
Air outlet height m 2,7
Air flow (Hi) m³/min 2700
Cooling capacity (Max) (1) kW 9,7
Heating capacity (Max) (2) kW 12,0
Heat exchanger (Volume) L 2,85
Pipe diameter (Liquid) Inch (mm) 3/8 (9,52)
Pipe diameter (Gas) Inch (mm) 3/4 (19,05)
Electric consumption fan (230V / 50Hz) kW 0,50
Fan type EC
Current (230V / 50Hz) A 3,10
Sound pressure (Max) (3) dB(A) 66
Dimension (Height) (4) mm 260 (+140)
Dimension (Width) (4) mm 1500
Dimension (Depth) (4) mm 460
Net weight kg 65
Door width m 1,5
Refrigerant R32 / R410A
(1) Cooling capacity DX Coil, air temperature in/out +27/+18°C, R32 and R410.

(2) Heating capacity condenser, air temperature in/out +20/+33°C, R32 and R410. In the case of lower outdoor temperatures, an outdoor model with higher capacity may be necessary.
(3) Measured in distance up to 5,0m, direction factor 2, absorbing surfaces 200m², Min / Max Air flow.
(4) 140mm is the height of an electrical box if it is installed on the top.

Rated Conditions Cooling Outdoor +35°C DB Indoor +27°C DB/+19°C WB, Discharge temperature 16°C. All combinations under rated conditions: Heating Outdoor +7°C DB/+6°C WB Indoor +20°C DB. In case of lower outdoor temperatures a higher capacity outdoor unit model may be necessary.