ECOi-LOOP 15-30 C/H R410A
Cooling capacity: 1,5 to 2,9kW.
Heating capacity: 1,9 to 3,7kW.

Water source heat pumps cooling only and reversible

  • 2 versions: C (cooling only) and H (reversible)
  • 3 sizes
  • Horizontal installation
  • Nominal air flow from 435 to 525m³/h
  • Many air and water configurations available
  • 140Pa maximum external static pressure
  • Operating range: from 15°C to 32°C ambient air temperature
  • Water inlet temperature from 11°C to 45°C


High efficiency

The ECOi-LOOP water source heat pumps are equipped with low energy consumption EC fans. They have been developed to offer units with the highest performances in terms of COP and EER.
Extra silent unit

The compressor section is thermally and acoustically insulated with 15mm thick Isofeutre. A silencer (on the discharge) or/and a complete insulation of the ventilation compartment can be added as options to reduce even more the sound level.
Ease of installation and maintenance

These units have been designed for an easy false ceiling integration and an easy access to the internal components. They are only 250mm high and equipped with large removable panels. The filter is accessible from three sides.
Increased sturdiness

The water/refrigerant heat exchanger is of copper/stainless steel coaxial type for an increased sturdiness at very high pressure.


Water source heat pumps are perfect buildings where different zones may have different indoor climate needs. All connected together to a closed water loop, these units have the advantage of operating completely independently. Some can be working in cooling mode when others can be heating.

ECOi-LOOP units are available in 3 sizes and equipped with low energy consumption EC fans. The rotary type hermetic compressor, mounted on spring anti-vibration mounts, is integrated in a compartment coated with a reinforced acoustic insulation. These units offer comfort, energy-efficiency and effective cooling and heating.

The refrigerant circuit comprises an rotary type hermetic compressor, a cycle reversal valve (for heat pump units only), a water/refrigerant heat exchanger, a liquid receiver, a capillary expansion valve and a finned coil. The casing is made of galvanised steel sheets. Wide removable panels make it easy to access the compressor, fan and electronic control box. In their standard version, the units are equipped with a Siemens electronic control system which manages their operation and their safety devices. The condensate drain pan is coated with an anti-corrosion treatment consisting of oven-baked epoxy paint.

Available with a large range of accessories/options and in multiple air blowing and water connection configurations, ECOi-LOOP units will adapt to all your projects.