Cooling capacity: 5,3 to 30kW.
Heating capacity: 5,8 to 38,1kW.

Water source heat pumps reversible

  • 1 version: H (reversible)
  • 10 sizes
  • Vertical installation
  • Versions: standard or HE** (very high efficiency)
  • Nominal air flow from 1180 to 5600m³/h
  • AC fan: 3-speed direct drive fan motor for sizes 19 to 72 and belt drive with variable pitch pulley for sizes 96 and 120
  • Operating range: from 15°C to 38°C ambient air temperature
  • Water inlet temperature from 13°C to 48°C


High efficiency version

The ECOi-LOOP HRW/HRWE units are available in a “HE” (High Efficiency) version with improved EER and COP values.
Silent units

The fan compartment is coated with 15mm thick closed cell polyurethane foam thermal-acoustic insulation. In the compressor compartment, the thermal-acoustic insulation consists of Isofeutre 15mm thick (except on models 96 and 120). The compressor is also installed on rubber anti-vibration mounts which reduce noises.
Ease of maintenance

To facilitate access to the main components, these units are equipped with wide removable panels. The filter can be installed/replaced without removing the return duct.


Water source heat pumps are perfect for buildings where different zones may have different indoor climate needs. All connected together to a closed water loop, these units have the advantage of operating completely independently. Some can be working in cooling mode when others can be heating.

ECOi-LOOP HRW/HRWE units are available in 10 sizes with high capacities up to 38kW. They benefit from quiet operation and 2 air blowing configurations (in-line or perpendicular). These units offer comfort and effective cooling and heating.

The refrigerant circuit comprises a scroll (size 19) or rotary (sizes 27 to 120) type hermetic compressor, a cycle reversal valve, a water/refrigerant plate heat exchanger, a liquid receiver, a thermostatic expansion valve and a finned coil. Wide removable panels make it easy to access the compressor, fan and electronic control box. In their standard version, the units are equipped with a Siemens electronic control system which manages their operation and their safety devices. The condensate drain pan is coated with an anti-corrosion treatment and is equipped with a float-type safety system.