Cooling capacity: 48,1 to 219,1kW.
Heating capacity: 50,7 to 214,4kW.

Rooftop cooling only and heat pump units

  • 2 versions: C (cooling only) and H (heat pump)
  • SEER up to 3,94 and SCOP up to 3,23
  • 10 sizes
  • Nominal air flow from 9720 to 32000m³/h
  • Additional heaters available
  • Many aeraulic configurations
  • 2 Energy recovery system configurations (RECO and TRECO)


Highly customisable

The ECOi-RT rooftop units comes with a number of customisation options and accessories, ensuring there is a ECOi-RT that will meet every project requirement.
Wide operating limits

Coming with extended operating limits means your ECOi-RT units will work perfectly well no matter how harsh the weather or climate. For excellent performance all year round, these units operate under temperatures comprises between -15°C to +50°C.
Two performant energy recovery systems

RECO: Standard energy RECOvery (3 dampers): energy recovery on the exhaust air.
TRECO: Thermodynamic energy RECOvery (3 dampers): active energy recovery between the exhaust air and the fresh air using a dedicated thermodynamic system.


ECOi-RT rooftop units are available in 10 sizes and in cooling only (C) or heat pump (H) versions. They operate with R410A refrigerant and two independent circuits completely closed in a separate compartment.

Each unit is equipped with AC or EC plug fans (for supply/extract air), Scroll compressor(s), finned coil heat exchangers and large removable panels allowing a great accessibility to internal components for service operations.

The range also offer different types of filtration (G4, G4+F7, G4+F9), several configuration options (no damper, 2 dampers, 3 dampers) and many accessories.

The cabinet and structure are of heavy duty galvanized steel components, individually painted (RAL 9001) before the assembly for a homogeneous protection against corrosion. Double skin panels ensure a perfect thermal insulation (25mm glasswool – 63Kg/m³).

The control system is wired, tested and shipped READY TO USE. An external control panel displays the operating parameters and alarms.