ECOi-W AQUA 140-210 C/H R410A
Cooling capacity: 125,4 to 208,8kW.
Heating capacity: 143,7 to 217,6kW.

Air cooled chillers and heat pumps

  • 2 versions: C (cooling only) and H (heat pump)
  • 5 sizes
  • SEER up to 4,40
  • SCOP up to 3,36



Low noise operation

The ECOi-W AQUA is available in a low noise model as standard or a super low noise model (extra low noise model for H) making it suitable for a wide range of installations.
Wide operating limits

ECOi-W AQUA units offer improved performances operating under outside temperatures up to 50°C. They can also provide -10°C chilled water with an external temperature of -10°C (with fan speed control option).
Night mode

The ECOi-W AQUA units have a night mode that allows for considerable energy savings and a reduced noise level during night time operation.

ECOi-W AQUA 20-210

ECOi-W AQUA units provide efficient operation with low noise levels. Available in 17 sizes (11 sizes for E type), the range have been designed to operate with R410A refrigerant and under high temperatures up to 50°C. The units are easy to maintain and allow easy accessibility to the internal components. A low overall footprint makes handling and installation easy and means the ECOi-W AQUA, aligned with its low noise operation, makes it suitable for a wide range of installations.

Each unit is equipped with one (sizes 20 to 125) or two (sizes 140 to 210) refrigerant circuits. Each equipped with tandem scroll compressors, mounted on rubber pads in order to eliminate noise and vibration transmissions. ECOi-W AQUA E is also equipped with a suction and liquid line shut-off valves as well as a suction receiver.

The cabinet and structure of the unit are of heavy-duty galvanised steel. All galvanised steel components are individually painted by a special painting process before the assembly of the unit.