ECOi-W AQUA EVO 140-360 C/H/E R410A
Cooling capacity: 144 to 360,7kW.
Heating capacity: 144,9 to 361,4kW.

Air cooled chillers, heat pumps and condensing units

  • 3 versions: C (cooling only), H (heat pump) and E (condensing unit)
  • 8 sizes
  • 3 configurations: STD (standard), HT (high temperature) and HPF (high pressure fan)
  • 2 fan types: AC (standard fan) and EC (high efficiency)
  • 3 acoustic options: STD (standard), L (low noise) and S (super low noise)




High seasonal efficiency

The ECOi-W AQUA EVO C/H benefits from very high seasonal efficiency values.
For even better efficiency ratio, the ECOi-W AQUA EVO C/H units can be equipped with low energy consumption EC fans.
3 acoustic options

The units can be supplied in 3 acoustic versions making it suitable for noise-sensitive installations: standard, low noise and super low noise.
Electronic expansion device

ECOi-W AQUA EVO C/H with excellent control of super heating for the best performance at full and partial load and for a safe operation.
Microchannel coils

The condenser coils for ECOi-W AQUA EVO C/E are of microchannel type, made of 100% aluminium (fins, tubes and headers - with the exception of pipe couplings which are in copper).
They allow significant reduction on refrigerant charge and operating weight

ECOi-W AQUA EVO 140-800

The ECOi-W AQUA EVO is available in various sizes (16 sizes C type / 17 sizes H type / 8 sizes E type). A range of fan versions are available; STD (standard AC), EC (inverter fans), HT (high temperature), and HPF (high pressure fans). The inverter fans version has been developed for high seasonal efficiency and wide operation limits with a large diameter electronic brushless type fans motor.

The ECOi-W AQUA EVO C/H has been designed to operate with the R410A refrigerant, 2 or 4 circuits (depending on the sizes) and scroll compressors.

The ECOi-W AQUA EVO E has been designed to operate with the R410A refrigerant and 2 refrigerant circuits. Each circuit is equipped with 2 fixed speed scroll compressors in tandem configuration, microchannel coils and stop valves both on the liquid and on the suction lines.

The unit cabinet and structure are made of heavy gauge galvanised steel coated with polyester powder-based painting. All parts of the structure are fastened totally with non-corrosive screws and bolts.