ECOi-W AQUA EVO 20-30 H R410A
Cooling capacity: 20 to 35,9kW.
Heating capacity: 20,4 to 34kW.

Air cooled heat pumps inverter

  • 1 version: H (heat pump)
  • 2 sizes
  • Inverter compressor
  • Wide load variation capability
  • Extended operating limits
  • Domestic Hot Water (DHW) management


Inverter technology

Units are equipped with a single inverter driven scroll compressor. This allowing significant reduction of energy consumption and, with only 2 sizes, a very wide capacity range both in cooling (from 20 to 35kW) and heating (from 20 to 34kW).
Domestic Hot Water management

The ECOi-W AQUA EVO (inverter) units are equipped with a controller managing DHW production with dedicated set-point and field components.
Electronic expansion device

Excellent control of super heating for the best performance at full and partial load and for a safe operation.


The ECOi-W AQUA EVO (inverter) units are available in 2 sizes. They operate with R410A refrigerant and a single inverter driven hermetic scroll compressor. The general operation status of the units is steadily managed by a microprocessor implementing a dedicated developed software. This allowing operation with a very low water volume (2,5l/kW) and ensuring a total protection of the compressor inside its operating envelope.

These heat pump units are optimized in heating mode for both fan coil and floor applications. They are also equipped with a controller managing DHW production.

The cabinet is made of heavy gauge galvanized steel, individually painted by a special painting process before the assembly of the unit. This painting system performs a homogeneous protection to the corrosion.