ECOi-W SW-N EVO 380-1260 C R513A
Cooling capacity: 366 to 1240,5kW.

Air cooled chillers

  • 1 version: C (cooling only)
  • 2 sizes
  • 2 configurations: STD (standard) and HT (high temperature)
  • 1 fan type: EC (high efficiency fan)
  • 2 acoustic options: STD (standard) and S (super low noise)


High durability

The units are equipped with extremely robust screw compressors and shell and tube counter flow evaporator. The casing and frame of the unit have been treated with a high durability painting process to provide effective protection against corrosion.
High efficiency

The ECOi-W SW-N EVO has very high seasonal efficiency levels thanks to effective components such as EC fans and inverter compressors significantly reducing energy consumption.
2 acoustic options

The ECOi-W SW-N EVO units have low noise operation and are available in standard and super low noise acoustic versions.
Electronic expansion device

Excellent control of super heating for the best performance at full and partial load and for a safe operation.


The ECOi-W SW-N EVO range of air-cooled chillers has been designed with sustainability in mind. They include inverter-driven compressor technology and EC fan motors. This optimises seasonal cooling efficiency while guaranteeing extended envelope operation. The unit has a low noise operation and is available in standard and super low noise acoustic versions.

Screw compressors operate with a low-pressure refrigerant and are ideal for heavy-duty use. The innovative design has adapted the internal geometry to ensure optimal performance. The software optimises load management to boost seasonal efficiency. Active control algorithms allow for safe operation in borderline conditions. The combination of variable speed technology with a greener refrigerant (R513A) meets environmental protocols and may raise the value of the building.