ECOi-W VL 704-1204 H/E R410A
Cooling capacity: 176,2 to 307kW.
Heating capacity: 200 to 337,4kW.

Air cooled heat pumps and condensing units

  • 2 versions: H (heat pump) and E (condensing unit)
  • 6 sizes
  • 3 configurations: STD (standard), HT (high temperature) and HPF (high pressure fan)
  • 2 fan types: AC (standard fan) and EC (HSE model: high seasonal efficiency)
  • 3 acoustic options: STD (standard), L (low noise) and S (super low noise)



Compact units

The ECOi-W VL range has been designed in a compact manner in order to offer improved capacity/m² ratios.
3 acoustic options

The units can be supplied in 3 acoustic versions making it suitable for noise-sensitive installations: standard, low noise and super low noise.
Electronic expansion device

ECOi-W VL H with excellent control of super heating for the best performance at full and partial load and for a safe operation.


The ECOi-W VL is available in 6 sizes and has been developed to operate with the R410A refrigerant. They benefit from a very compact design in this capacity range. This allowing very good capacity/m² ratios.

These units are available in 3 acoustic options: standard (STD), low noise (L) and super low noise (S), making the ECOi-W VL suitable for installations where quiet operation is essential. To increase the range and potential application of the units, the ECOi-W VL range is available in HSE (high seasonal efficiency - EC fan motors), HT (high temperature), and HPF (high pressure fan) versions.