ECOi-W WQ 20-190 C/H/R R410A
Cooling capacity: 21,2 to 192,7kW.
Heating capacity: 23,7 to 212,3kW.

Water cooled chillers, heat pumps and condenserless units

  • 3 versions: C (cooling only), H (heat pump) and R (condenserless unit)
  • 14 sizes
  • 2 acoustic options: STD (standard) and S (super low noise)
  • 2 frames: F1 (size from 20 to 45) and F2 (size from 50 to 190)




Very high seasonal efficiency

Thanks to a better heat exchange, ECOi-W WQ C/H have the huge advantage of benefiting from incredible seasonal efficiency values. Thus, the ECOi-W WQ C/H range reaches SEER values up to 6,5 (for C/H types) and A+++ SCOP (for H type) energy efficiency class.
Low noise operation

The ECOi-W WQ range can be delivered with the super low noise acoustic option in order to further reduce noise impact. With this option, the units are supplied with compressors box and additional insulation panels on the cabinet.
Condensing pressure control

Condensing pressure control option suitable for well application.
Electronic expansion device*

Excellent control of super heating for the best performance at full and partial load and for a safe operation.
* Sizes 170 and 190 equipped in standard with an electronic expansion device.


The ECOi-W WQ range is available in 14 sizes and 2 acoustic options. The refrigerant circuit is equipped with one or two hermetic scroll compressors fitted with an electronic control system to ensure protection against high temperature and excessive load.

Both heat exchangers (the evaporator for R type) are brazed stainless steel type and are insulated with a 10mm or 19mm thick closed polyethene foam material.

An optimised control is supplied on all the units with a simple user interface. The unit controller can display all operating parameters as well as various alarms and operating status. Each unit is equipped with a wide range of accessories and options.